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Happy 50th Anniversary Circus Vargas!

Happy 50th Anniversary Circus Vargas!

Happy 50th Anniversary Circus Vargas!  1969-2019 (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Happy 50th Anniversary Circus Vargas!

The Big One is Back! Circus Vargas celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year as it delivers a new theme “The Greatest of Ease, A Journey Back to the Golden Era of Circus.” Debuting their newest, latest and amazing production in the Sacramento area, the highly anticipated tour started at the Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights last week October 3-7. The tour will continue in Northern California at Lakeside Church in Folsom on October 10-14, and then at Westfield Oakridge in San Jose on October 18-28.

Circus Vargas is an extraordinary, unforgettable, animal-free production that showcases an amazing cast of world renowned circus performers. Death-defying Daredevils, Motorcyclists, Acrobats, Flying Trapeze Artists, Tight Rope Walkers, Trampoline Artists, Contortionists, Clowns and Jugglers make up this remarkable cast. These are the creme de la creme circus entertainers, from all over the globe, who perform effortlessly with their individual super-powers for an unforgettable 2 hours of circus fun.

Circus Vargas Performers 2019

The History of Circus Vargas

Circus Vargas was founded in 1969 by Clifford Vargas (1924-1989) from Livermore, California. He was influenced to restart the “big top” tent circus from his childhood fascination with the authentic old time circus that was filled with glitz, glamour and thrills. He was adamant that a circus was not a circus if it was not under a “big top”. He wanted to leave a legacy that every generation would be able to experience and very soon Circus Vargas became America’s favorite big top circus.

Clifford often traveled the world in search of new talent and exciting circus acts. He discovered the “Flying Tabares” of Argentina in the late 1980’s in South America. He brought them to the United States to perform in his 20th anniversary edition of Circus Vargas. The Tabares have been performing with Circus Vargas ever since then. Clifford sadly passed away in 1989, and his friends Roland Kaiser and Joseph Muscarello took over until they retired. In 2005, in order to keep the Circus Vargas legacy, Nelson & Katya Quiroga-Tabares, from the Flying Tabares became American citizens, founded Tabares Entertainment, and have since presented Circus Vargas.

The Flying Tabares (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

The “Star” of Circus Vargas

The “Star” of Circus Vargas – The Big Top Tent (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

The “Star” of Circus Vargas was hand-made in Milan, Italy. It is the most state-of-the-art Big Top tent still used today. It is designed to hold 1,500 people, is made of 90,000 square feet of fabric, and takes 30 crew members to raise. Once the tent is set up, state safety inspectors check the facilities to approve safety regulations. Food inspectors also check the conditions for the food and drinks soon to be sold. Circus Vargas and the famous Big Top tent have been featured in several movies and television shows including Water for Elephants (2011) and the Nick Cannon Show (2003), plus many more.

The Pre-Show

The pre-show takes place 30 minutes before the actual show begins. This is an exciting, interactive time filled with chuckles and giggles. Clowns performing tricks, jugglers tossing beanbags, circus characters teaching young ones new tricks, all of which is made to set up the guests for warm welcomes. The ambiance is lively, enthusiastic and fun as vendors approach guests offering light up toys, cotton candy and candy apples for sale.

The entrance and foyer of Circus Vargas had plenty of concession stands filled with food and drinks from popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, to sodas and icy cups. Circus Vargas memorabilia such as toys, hats, and books were available for sale. Face painting and a professional photographer offered services. All the entertainment shananigans were presented, all in the name of wild, circus fun.

Pre-Show Shananigans with Warm Welcomes (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

The Opening Acts

Tinos Clowns Comedy Trio (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Johnny Valentin, Miguel Mota, Brian Mota are the Tinos Clowns Comedy Trio. These ambassadors of laughter brought out the child in each of us. With a little mischief and alot of merriment in their slapstick comedy, these three amusing fellas kept us snickering, giggling and laughing throughout the entire show.

The Greatest of Ease (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

The opening act showcased an energetic, lively musical with upbeat music, bold dance moves and beautiful choreography. The musical theme being “The Greatest of Ease”, a tale of a young starlet, a Hollywood hopeful heading off to the big city to follow her heart, and on her journey, encounters the magical world of the circus.

Circus Vargas Highlights

Facundo Kramer Hand Balancing (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Facundo Kramer performed his hand balancing act ever so effortlessly yet with intense, dramatic eccentricity. The amazing display of balance, focus and upper body strength was mesmerizing.

The Flying Tabares preparing for take off (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

The Flying Tabares in Action (Photo by Jackie Cheung)

The Flying Tabares, an elite troupe of aerialists performed dangerous somersaults and perilous choreography. We were astounded by the precision and flawless execution, with style and grace, demonstrated by the leaps, twists and bounds. The 7 amazing aerialists Josue Marinelli, Mariella Quiroga, Yasmin Rodriguez Rivera, Tad Payne-Tobin, Izzy Patrowicz, Wictor Andrade, Annabel Bachliyski effortlessly soared through the air, transporting each other from one end to the other at harrowing heights.

Steam Engine Tramp-O-Wall (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

We were completely entranced, hypnotized and left speechless as this stunning trampoline performance progressed. A gigantic steam engine pulled up right in front of us, where in a foggy mist, an incredible team of wild acrobats emerged. They immediately began leaping and falling off the train into a trampoline, and then bouncing right back onto the top. This act was done with perfect precision and timing that occurred on both sides of the train in simultaneous choreography. These superstar acrobats bounced, twisted, turned and flipped off and on the trampoline, and on to the exact positions they dived off from. Patrick Marinelli, Junior Neves, Wiktor Andrade, Josue Marinelli, Tad Payne-Tobin, Facundo Kramer, Anthony Bachliyski were the incredible performers of this unforgettable act.

Aerial Straps performed by Patrick & Elina (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Aerial Straps -Patrick & Elina (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

A romantic fantasy with an elegant dance of love, passion and loss performed in mid-air, Patrick Marinelli and Elina Sidletska displayed unbelievable strength and stamina as they were suspended in mid-air, expressing an eternal love story for us. This was another breath-taking, astounding performance that kept us absolutely mesmerized.

Aerial Dance with Patrick and Elina (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Annabel Bachliyski Aerial Umbrella (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Annabel Bachliyski enchanted us with a stunning performance, as she floated high above the big top floor in her aerial umbrella fantasy act. She dangled delicately and effortlessly at harrowing heights while demonstrating pure beauty and grace with every flawless move.

Contortionist Daniella Quiroga (Photo by Tami Nelsen)

Contortionist Daniella Quiroga delighted us with her strength, flexibilty and agility. She stunned the audience as she contorted her entire body to aim and shoot a target balloon with an authentic bow and arrow.

Motorcycle Madness (Photo by Tami Nelsen)

More Motorcycle Madness (Photo by Jackie Cheung)

Motorcycle Madness was one of the most terrifying acts to watch. Daredevil motorcyclists revved up their high octane routines in perfect synchronization, as they maneuvered their motorcycles on high speed, inside the steel sphere. We were speechless, as we watched them spinning simultaneously at breakneck speed inside the globe, criss-crossing each other and missing each other by mere fractions of an inch. We were on edge and in utter disbelief from the moment it started with two motorcyclists, then graduating to five, all inside the sphere at top speed, smoking up the entire tent with fumes of  fear and smoke. This performance was unbelievable and unforgettable, leaving in us a forever imprint of terrific Circus Vargas memories.

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Final Bows (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Saying Goodbye (Photo by Jackie Cheung)

The Grand Finale showcased all the performers dancing in perfect synchronization as the tale of  “The Greatest Ease” came to an end. For over 3 hours, we were completely entranced in the spectacular world of Circus Vargas. We were shocked, mesmerized, dazzled, and hypnotized by this 50th anniversary extravaganza, which was a homage to the golden era of the circus in America.

After the Show

After the show ended, the circus performers had a meet and mingle time with the audience. They took photos with fans and signed autographs. They were incredibly gracious, sociable and friendly even after putting in the hours of strenuous work. The audience left seeming completely content, happy and in very high spirits. This was an evening that brought joy and laughter to people of all ages. Many of who I interviewed said that they loved Circus Vargas and plan to return every year. Many who purchased vip tickets in order to  have front row, soft cushioned seats, said this show was money well spent on some great family entertainment. Others were thrilled to have provided an experience so unique and magical to their children and family members. Our family felt the same, we had bonded with these beautiful performers after watching them entertain and give us their absolute best for three hours.

Circus Vargas Performers (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Thank You Circus Vargas! (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Circus Vargas 1969 – 2019 (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


We highly recommend Circus Vargas for great quality, family entertainment. Going to the circus with family and friends makes unforgettable memories that will always be cherished. I personally will never forget the excitement of going to the circus in my childhood years and even through out my life. Circus Vargas truly was one of the best circuses I have seen by far.

Thank you to the late Clifford Vargas, his family and friends who have left this terrific legacy of the big top circus for future generations to enjoy.

Thank you to the Tabares family and Tabares Entertainment for continuing this great legacy that we will never forget.

Listed below are the times and dates for the upcoming shows, along with ticket prices. I hope you go and see for yourselves the amazing performances that you and your families will never forget. We plan to visit Circus Vargas next year and in the years to come. Until then, goodbye Circus Vargas and A Very Happy 50th Anniversary to you again!

Dates & Prices

October 10-14 at Lakeside Church, Folsom, CA
October 18-28 Westfield Oakridge, San Jose, CA

General admission prices are $15-$25
Arena or ringside prices are $30-$55
Vip seats are $62-$72.

Kids under 2 are free.

Seniors 60 and over can purchase senior tickets.

For Circus Vargas dates and times, or to purchase tickets visit or call 877-GOTFUN-1 (877-468-3861).

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