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Racist Note At Elk Grove Beauty Salon Prompts Hate Crime Investigation

Elk Grove News

Elk Grove News

Racist Note Found

A stylist at DreamGirls Fine Hair Imports found a racist note left at the African American owned hair salon in Elk Grove. The note used a racial slur in referring to African Americans. Especially relevant, the note said “coon hunt coming soon.”

History of Racist Incidents

Most noteworthy, is that the salon owner Sharie Wilson said the note is the latest in a string of incidents. In the past, the glass door has been pounded while racial slurs were uttered.  Threats have been made to the owner warning them to cease certain actions. Confederate flags have been paraded outside the salon door.

While we do not know who left the note at the salon, a few things are poignantly clear.  First of all, the City of Elk Grove needs to address racism in our community. We need to come together so that incidents like this are not be swept under the rug. Second, Sharie Wilson, her family, and her employees need to be validated and heard so that they understand that this community is behind them and we will fight racism and bigotry.

Moving Forward

Consequently, anyone with any information about this incident should contact the Elk Grove Police.  This incident is being investigated as a hate crime according to Elk Grove Police Chief Bryan Noblett.

During the Elk Grove City Council’s September 13 meeting,  Sharie Wilson requested a town hall meeting to discuss racial issues in Elk Grove. “I ask that you open up a town hall discussion, a dialogue, so we can really talk about this situation, so next time we won’t be in here talking about somebody got killed or we found one of our kids hanging from a tree, because it’s possible,” said Sharie. The Elk Grove City Council unanimously approved her request.


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