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Results of Elk Grove Civic Center Naming Poll

Elk Grove Civic Center Commons Facing West with a view of a farmer’s market
Photography Credit: City of Elk Grove & Wood Rodgers

Elk Grove Tribune’s Elk Grove Civic Center Naming Poll

At the last Elk Grove City Council Meeting, the proposed names for the Elk Grove Civic Center were revealed and were not very well received. They were Elk Grove Civic Center, CNTR Point, and Pendulum or The Pendulum. As a result, the Elk Grove Tribune put together our own poll. We shared the results with the City of Elk Grove today January 17, and now, we are happy to share the results with you.

As you can see the top 4 names from our poll are 1) The Grove, 2) Elk Grove Civic Center, 3) CommUNITY Grove and 4) Elk Grove CommUNITY Center. At 488 votes, The Grove is the clear winner. In 2nd place, Elk Grove Civic Center has 355 votes. CommUNITY Grove  got 161 votes for 3rd place. In 4th place, Elk Grove CommUNITY Center has 57 votes.

It’s clear that people really like The Grove. I get it. It’s cool. It’s easy to say and a slightly different play on our City’s name. The fact that Elk Grove Civic Center got 2nd place tells me that there are plenty of people who are fine with the Civic Center having the exact name we expect it to have. I think the name Elk Grove Civic Center is fine but not exciting. Because CommUNITY Grove got 3rd place, this tells me that the people of Elk Grove are open to a name that is a variation of The Grove. Since we have CommUNITY Grove and Elk Grove CommUNITY Center, I would say some people like the play on the word commUNITY with the word unity being capitalized. I’m assuming people like it because they like the idea of unity in our city (something that is sorely lacking at the moment).

It is important to note that only 1 vote was allowed per IP address. We did allow poll responders to suggest a new name. We added all “normal” names. Parky McParkface and $38000 Wasted did not seem to be normal names. People kept adding The Grove although it was added early on in our poll.

The City of Elk Grove told us in our meeting together that they are setting up a new poll to be released soon and will ask for the public to vote on the names. This time, they definitely want to make sure that they get the public’s input. I’m sure they will also save money in doing so. We will be posting the City of Elk Grove’s new poll very soon. Stay tuned!

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