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Sacramento’s Delectable Farm-To-Fork Festival

Sacramento’s Delectable Farm-To-Fork Festival


Sacramento hosted its 7th annual Farm-To-Fork Festival, where local brewers, chefs, farmers, vintners, and other producers come together to show the public what is grown in the local food scene. Started in 2013 by Josh Nelson of the Selland Family Restaurants, this event has grown to host dozens of vendors who feed and entertain the thousands of people who swing by. Needless to say, it is a huge hit for the city and its citizens.

Finding parking was easy, which surprised me since it was Friday night. The Farm-To-Fork Festival was held in front of the Capitol Mall, as it had for many years. The city had cordoned off many of the streets to prepare for the festival. Friday was the first day of the event, but only half of the festival area was being used. I suspected more vendors would show up on Saturday — and indeed they did. As my husband and I navigated the streets of Sacramento, we absorbed the sights and sounds: the cars zooming by, the commuters who were going home, and the visitors who also walked or biked to the event. I couldn’t help marveling at the many scooters and bikes winding through the streets. At the entrance to the festival, security waved their wands over our clothes and checked our bags. Then, we were allowed inside.

The smell of cars, gas, and the city melted away to be replaced by the marvelous, delicious aroma of food. Wood smoke wafted in and out of my nose, bringing waves of nostalgia and hunger. Sellers waved sticks of cotton candy and bags of caramel popcorn. Food trucks and other vendors lined the streets, and my stomach growled painfully. Did I mention that I hadn’t eaten all day to prepare myself for this event? Did I mention that watching everyone eat was pure torture?

My husband was also in the same boat, and thank goodness he got in line. We got here early, and the lines for food were already forming. We made a deal to share whatever we got, and he got first pick. My man did not disappoint.

The Food Pics & More

Tochers — seasoned tots topped with shredded beef, aioli, spicy BBQ sauce, homemade cheese sauce, green onions and bacon from Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen

Unfortunately, the tables and chairs were taken, so we sat on the curb. The first bite was foodie bliss. The tots were crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. The shredded beef was moist and tender, the sauces both savory and spicy, but with a hint of sweetness. We both didn’t say anything, and that’s how we knew what he picked was good. In a few minutes, the plate was empty and we moved on to the next food truck. The second thing we ate was a cheesesteak. Hot, with gooey cheese, chunks of steak and slices of green peppers, we were also happy with the pick.

Cheesesteak from Salo’s Kitchen & Grill

The rest of the night became a blur of good food, spectacular live music, specialty drinks, and perusing the various vendors. We were astounded at the amount of brewers at the event. A whole booth was set up for wine tasting, courtesy of Clarksburg Wine Country. Also, if you didn’t like wine, there was also beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Other offerings included popsicles, ice cream, homemade bread, local honey, essential oils, bouquets of flowers, and a silent disco. (Yeah, I was thrown off by that too.)

At the end of the night, our feet were hurting and our stomachs were bloated from food and drink. However, it had been an epic night. Content, we ambled towards our car and headed home as the festivities continued. I highly recommend you check out the next Farm-To-Fork Festival in Sacramento.

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