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Sizzle Shack: Sacramento’s Sizzling New Hot Spot

Sizzle Shack: Sacramento’s Sizzling New Hot Spot

If you’ve read our past articles, you know when a new restaurant opens, Elk Grove Tribune is there! So, of course, we had to give Sizzle Shack a try! Located off of Elk Grove Florin, Sizzle Shack serves a variety of Asian-inspired dishes on their signature hot plate. We went during their soft opening and were delighted with the variety and flavor of food and flavor that greeted our taste buds. But enough talking, let’s eat!

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Photo by Grace Davis
Photo by Grace Davis


We were welcomed by extremely friendly staff and seated right away. The restaurant was clean with many spots to sit. One would never be able to tell that the prior business was a frozen yogurt shop! Everything felt modern and well kept.

Photo by Grace Davis

Our table was fairly wide (which came in handy later) and we had the option of using a handheld menu or a QR code. Our waitress checked in on us constantly and was extremely friendly.

Photo by Grace Davis

Fried Gyoza

Our first dish was the fried gyoza. These were crispy and fried to perfection. The outside wasn’t greasy and the meat inside was juicy and flavorful. They came piping hot which was great because nobody likes lukewarm gyoza!

Photo by Grace Davis

Corn Cheese

After hearing great things about it, I knew I had to try the corn cheese! This dish came in a skillet which kept the corn hot for the entire meal. The cheese was stringy and the sauce was tangy! Altogether this created a beautiful bite.

Photo by Grace Davis

Shrimp Pepper Rice Sizzle Skillet

Our entre was the famous sizzle skillet. This dish was served on a hot skillet with toasty rice, corn, cabbage, fried garlic, and an egg (which I added on). The protein of choice was pepper shrimp, and this was absolutely the right move. This dish was stuffed with flavor. Each ingredient brought something to the skillet, forming a beautiful bite. Due to being served on a skillet, the meal never went cold, so it did take us a bit of time to let each bite cool down. However, this added nicely to the experience!

Photo by Grace Davis

Sizzle Fries

Our final dish was the sizzle fries and these were my favorite. Similar to the corn cheese, these fries were loaded with gooey cheese, zesty sauce, and fresh green onions. Altogether this created the perfect comfort bite.


The Sizzle Shack is a great new addition to Sacramento and Elk Grove’s diverse food portfolio. The service is great, the food is flavorful, and the ambiance is sleek. Head on over today and enjoy! Happy Dining!

Sizzle Shack

8359 Elk Grove Florin Rd Ste 109 Sacramento, CA 95829


(916) 896-0684

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