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Tasty Pot Elk Grove Review

Tasty Pot Elk Grove Review

Tasty Pot opened an Elk Grove location in January 2018.  They are located just off Highway 99 on Elk Grove Blvd next door to Walmart Neighborhood Grocery.  Tasty Pot is an authentic Taiwanese style individual hot pot restaurant.  It is a franchise with 13 locations all over the United States.  Their intention is literally written on their wall, eat healthy live well.

Tasty Pot Elk Grove

Tasty Pot Elk Grove


Tasty Pot aims for a comfortable modern setting.  Their wooden tables are offset by comfy red chairs.  They have fun textured walls and modern decorative light fixtures.  Though the restaurant looks small from the front, it’s very long so there’s a good amount of seating.  However, the counter upon entering is confusing because it looks like where you would place your order but it’s actually a hostess station.  Other that that, the location is light and bright.  Also, the parking is ample.


Tasty Pot makes their own bone broth and uses seasonings imported from Taiwan for an authentic taste.  Each hot pot is served in a bowl on a stand with a sterno underneath.  While the food is fully cooked, the idea is that the heat keeps your food steaming hot until the last bite.  Meat, vegetables, and some kind of starch comes in each pot.  A choice of rice or noodles is offered as well.  Broth refills come with the price of them bowl as well.  Sauces are available on the table to use for dipping.

First of all, you pick the broth.  Eleven different flavors are offered including interesting flavors like curry, stinky tofu, and cheesy milk.  While, for less adventurous eaters, they have beef, lamb, veggie, and seafood broths.  Then, you can pick your own spice level from none to flaming spicy.  Each entree comes with an array of different ingredients like meats, veggies, seafood, tofu, herbs, etc…  In addition they also have an extensive menu of add-ons such as quail egg, fish fillet, dumpling, lotus root, and much more.

Furthermore, they offer a variety of tea which is brewed daily.  They have options for boba tea, plain tea, or hot tea.  Also, macaron ice cream sandwiches are on the menu for dessert.

Tasty Pot Elk Grove

Beef Hot Pot

My Order

I had the beef hot pot.  It came with mushrooms, corn, fish cake, meatball, Napa cabbage, fried tofu and much more.  I took the waiter’s recommendation to try to medium spicy.  He said he could bring out extra hot sauce if I wanted more spice.  Medium was the right choice for me though.  The meat was tender and everything was cooked nicely.  My favorite item was the fish cake, next time I will order extra.  I tried to eat quickly so the items would not get too mushy.  Also, if you notice something starting to get too overcooked, you can put out your sterno.

I also tried the passion fruit black tea with boba.  It was a solid drink.  The cute cup is super sturdy and seems like you could reuse it.  While it is a nice addition to the restaurant, I would not come specifically for the tea.

Tasty Pot Elk Grove

Passion Fruit Black Tea With Boba


In conclusion, Tasty Pot Elk Grove is a fun and different kind of meal.  It is great for someone who wants a lot of variety within one dish!  Also, lunch would be a great time try it because lunches come with a tea included.


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