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Thien Ho’s Campaign For District Attorney Emphasizes Safety Not Politics

Thien Ho’s Campaign For District Attorney Emphasizes Safety Not Politics
Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes (Left to Right: Vice Mayor Darren Suen, Mayor of Elk Grove Bobbie Singh-Allen, District Attorney Candidate Thien Ho, & City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen)

Kicking off the last weekend of March with action, Thien Ho’s campaign for District Attorney was supported by Mayor Bobbie Singh Allen, Vice Mayor Darren Suen, and City Council Member Stephanie Nguyuen. Volunteers and community members piled in to hear Ho speak, motivated by the message of spreading light.

“The summit is within reach. There’s an old saying, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, and we need each and every person to light that candle in your friends, families and voters. We can reach the summit together.

Thien Ho, District Attorney Candidate

Afterward, volunteers participated in on-the-spot training in phoning, canvasing, and connection. The campaign was guided by a directed slogan, “Safety Not Politics.”

Safety Not Politics

Efforts to rally supporters were strong as an extensive amount of people came to hear Ho’s leadership philosophies. Most expressed that they were inspired by his story.

“There was so much excitement in the room, the diversity of support from young to older. I’ve recognized the tough cases he’s handled and how he applies his own personal experiences. I think he’s ready for the next step.”

Darren Suen, Vice Mayor of Elk Grove

Currently, as the Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney for Sacramento County, he works to ensure justice within all communities, and gives a voice to the voiceless.

“The people in this community deserve to have an experienced prosecutor who has the experience in the courtroom, executive room, and classroom. We have a system of justice that should be fair to everyone.”

Thien Ho, District Attorney Candidate

Furthermore, he wants to build trust for the District Attorney’s Office. It’s a collaboration that should flow seamlessly. Being an immigrant himself, Ho understands the angst some may feel toward law enforcement, and hopes to break that down.

Major Focuses

Swiftly, volunteers dispersed to different stations after Ho’s speech. Young adults began reading and noting phoning scripts to rally the community. Speaking on the important topics of the campaign. To expand, Ho provided insight on gun and domestic violence, rampant theft, mental health, and juveniles.

“I want to create an alternative court for juveniles who are facing criminal cases against them, to divert them from the school to prison pipeline.”

Thien Ho, District Attorney Candidate

In addition, dealing with the homeless crisis is of high priority. Developing easy access programs for these individuals is advantageous. Ho boldly states “It is inhumane to allow somebody to die in the gutter.”

Optimistic Improvements

Implementing a diverse advisory council gives the District Attorney Office a chance to reflect its community. Consequently, the perspectives of all backgrounds improves the environment. Making individuals feel safe, as well as, the absent of profiling, can improve comfort. Ho strives to be hands on, and onlookers have revered his approach.

“I was there, learning about the training going on and Thien was very clear, light up the other candle. It’s how you inspire others. Safety Not Politics, that’s why I support him.”

YK Chalamcherla, Council Member from City of Folsom

Wrapping Up

Concluding, Thien Ho’s Campaign for District Attorney made strides as attendees navigated the space. For more information on his campaign, look to the above picture. As election dates approach quickly, he aims to usher all into action today, for a safer tomorrow.

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