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City of Elk Grove Approved By LAFCO To Start Planning For Potential New Development South

Elk Grove Approved To Start To Plan 

It’s no secret that the City of Elk Grove is expanding. The city would like to push the boundaries of Elk Grove south, by over 1,000 acres, in an area near Kammerer Road and Highway 99.

On February 7, the plan was approved, in a 4 to 3 vote. The Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission made the decision about whether to allow the city the opportunity to grow. They decided to amend what’s called its ‘Sphere of Influence’ to include an additional 1,156 acres beyond its southern border. The area is near a planned Indian casino and outlet mall. You can certainly see the potential. However,  this vote only means that the City of Elk Grove can start to plan for potential new development. The City of Elk Grove may develop plans, but those plans must be approved. A lot needs to happen before any physical changes can take place.

Elk Grove has, in the past few years, been one of the fastest growing cities for mid-sized cities in the United States. In 2016, it had the fastest growing economy in California and the 11th fastest growing economy in the United States according to a survey by Wallethub. For mid-sized cities with a population of between 100,000 to 300,000 residents, Elk Grove had the country’s 7th fastest growing economy, notes the survey. Furthermore, with all the new development going on in 2018, it’s quite possible that Elk Grove will top that this year. The population of Elk Grove in 2017 was 171,059. Elk Grove is projected to grow by 46,000 people in the coming years.

Some in Elk Grove believe we need to plan for the future and all the expansive growth. They point out that the expansion of Elk Grove south would create jobs in our city.  Those against this plan to expand the City of Elk Grove south say the city is fine at it’s current size. They believe negative impacts, such as the eradication of farmland and wildlife, would be huge.

The Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission did have 22 recommendations for the City of Elk Grove, in an attempt to alleviate any potential problems in the future.

Now that the possibility of growing Elk Grove to the south exists, it is up to the City of Elk Grove to bring a proposal back to the planning commission. Time will tell what happens.

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