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Lighting Up The Holidays With The Illumination Holiday Festival

The Illumination Holiday Festival is a new annual holiday for the City of Elk Grove. The festival took place at District56, otherwise known as the city’s Civic Center. And while the festivities were hampered by rain, wind and the cold, visitors came to see the parade and holiday tree. 

Running of the Elves

The Illumination Event began with the Running of the Elves, a 5k run or walk around District56. Despite the heavy rain and cold, the run had many participants including seniors, kids, and even dogs. And while the sun was setting quickly, Elk Grove PD was on site to ensure no one would get hurt or lost. At the end of the race, participants were treated to hot chocolate and a warm congratulation. 

Parade of Lights

Shortly after the run, everyone prepared for the Parade of Lights. The parade was held after sunset, where the audience got to see festive and creative floats. Despite the weather, there were many participants this year. Mayor Steve Ly arrived in a lit train, City Council members also joined the parade along with various other businesses and organizations based in Elk Grove. Fortunately, the rain had stopped to a slow drizzle, allowing everyone to get a good look at the bright lights and beautiful floats. 

The Holiday Tree

Afterward, it was a short walk to the Holiday Ribbon Tree. The city had long debated on what sort of tree would be placed in District56. Conversely, some wanted a natural tree and others wanted something artificial. Instead, the city decided on a unique ribbon tree that was manufactured in the United States. The tree was lit by Santa Claus, and many visitors were astounded by how beautiful it looked. Immediately after being lit, families posed for pictures in front of the tree. 

Indeed, the weather placed a huge dampener on the Illumination Holiday Festival this year. As a new festival, coupled with the rainy weather, the event was not as big as this writer hoped. Hopefully, in the future, parts of the festival will be moved inside if there is poor weather. Either way, the Illumination Holiday Festival was a beautiful show of dedication and holiday cheer. 

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