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Judy Tafoya, Patron of Elk Grove Arts Passes Away At 73

Judy Tafoya

A Patron & Supporter of the Arts

Judy Tafoya, a well known Elk Grove citizen who was a patron of the Elk Grove arts, passed away on Wednesday December 5. Tafoya was 73. 

Tafoya is the founder of the Arts Advocacy Project and the ARTSbeat Showcase. These programs have worked to draw attention to both performing and visual arts and artists in the Elk Grove area.  Also, Tafoya was responsible for the Jazz and Blues Vespers, a concert series at Elk Grove Presbyterian Church. 

Last month the City of Elk Grove awarded Tafoya an Iris Award for her dedication to our city and the arts. She was also honored as the Elk Grove Citizen‘s 2016 Artist of the Year. 

The Elk Grove Tribune offers our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Judy Tafoya. 

City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen, Judy Tafoya, & Nan Mahon
Photo Credit: Stephanie Nguyen



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