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MacQue’s BBQ Brings The Flavors Of The South

MacQue’s BBQ Brings The Flavors Of The South


MacQue’s BBQ brings the delectable flavors of the South to Elk Grove. This barbecue house recently opened up on Elk Grove Boulevard in Elk Grove by the Auto Mall.  This is a second location with the other being in South Sacramento.

MacQue’s advertises it’s presence with its smoky aromas, tantalizing and lingering in the air of the surrounding areas. Elk Grovians have long awaited this barbecue house. Barbecue enthusiasts are flocking to this new location.

A Southern Feel at MacQue’s BBQ

MacQue’s has a modern, yet southern feel. This restaurant is very proper, yet relaxed and low key. It was a busy Friday evening when we visited and the house was packed. Customers dropped but kept to their own business of silent chow downs or quick take-outs. This is an impeccably clean restaurant with friendly sunflower pots sitting on each wooden dining table, welcoming us in and making us feel right at home. The custom here is to order at the counter and pick up your own food, similar to a fast food restaurant.

For a moment there, I thought I was at a cozy diner in the deep south. The delicious aromas lingering in the air and the extremely well-mannered servers addressing us as Miss, Ma’m and Sir reminded me of my visits to the gorgeous states of Georgia and the Carolinas. We were served with the best of the best of that down-home, southern hospitality we all appreciate so much. If you are looking for a terrific barbecue house with an authentic southern feel, then MacQue’s BBQ is the place to chow down at.

Southern hospitality with fast, friendly service at MacQue’s BBQ

New, neat and clean with a  warm, soulful atmosphere

The Food at MacQue’s BBQ

Corn Bread, Potato Salad, Mac n Cheese, Pork Ribs, Barbeque Sauce

We ordered from the Classic MacQue’s Menu- the Pork Ribs with 2 sides and a roll. The ribs were soft and tender, heavily smoked and perfectly seasoned with an authentic flavor of the deep south, in taste and aroma. We ordered the mild barbecue sauce, which was sweet, smoky and savory. The barbecue sauce was not needed, but made a nice addition to the juicy, slow-cooked, deeply smoked pork ribs.

The potato salad was a big hit with us and was much tastier than most potato salads out in the market. The portion, however, was too small in size for one person and felt more like a snack rather than a side dish. The mac-n-cheese was excellent in every way. It was perfectly cooked with loads of cheese, but again very small in portion and size. We ordered the corn bread instead of the bread roll for an additional price, but we were slightly disappointed as the corn bread was a bit too dry for our liking.

Baked Beans, Mashed Pototoes, Corn Bread, Beef Ribs with Barbeque Sauce

We also ordered a set of barbecue beef ribs with two sides of baked beans and a second potato salad. The baked beans were another hit with us. This side was a perfect blend of smoke flavored beans in a sweet, tangy sauce. The beef ribs were tender, moist, juicy, smoky and wildly flavorsome. The portions of meat served at MacQue’s are large in comparison to the small sides, and compensates, overall, for the entire meal.

The Barbeque at MacQue’s

We were offered trial sizes to taste the variety of meats and sides offered at MacQue’s. If you are a meat lover, you will enjoy feasting here at this barbecue house.

The variety of meats offered are pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, tri-tip, brisket, tenderloin, smoked ham, barbecue chicken, hot links, chicken links and Louisiana hot links.

The meats are all uniquely tasty and most definitely the superstars of this show.

The Side Dishes

The sides were all very delicious but the one that stood out the most was the Mustard Greens. This dish seemed to be a big hit for other customers as well who spoke very highly of it. Mustard greens are an iconic and important part of the southern “soul food” cuisine and are typically cooked with ham hock, bacon or turkey meat. These truly were the best tasting mustard greens I have had in a very long time. They were fresh and clean in taste, and perfectly seasoned with the right amounts of salt, pepper and vinegar.

The Energy Slaw is a typical coleslaw that is expected as a side dish with barbecue food.

The mac-n-cheese is a creamy, cheesy, teaser dish, again too small in portion, but deliciously cooked.

The baked beans are a delicious must-have, along with the potato salad, which are both exceptional in taste.

Again, all sides are very good but may not be sufficient for big appetites. In that case, I suggest that you order the larger sizes which are a tad pricey for Elk Grove in my opinion.

The Desserts

Bourbon Coffee Cake

For dessert, we ordered the Bourbon Coffee Cake which was an enormous slice of deliciousness, with toffee, banana and butterscotch layers soaked in Bourbon butter. This sugary dessert is rich in taste and is served as a large portion. It can easily be shared by 2-4 people, especially if you want just a few bites of sweetness as an after-dinner dessert.

MacQue’s also offers Sweet Potato Pie, Peach Cobbler, and Bread Pudding which I heard are a big hit. I was told that these particular desserts sell out fast and are in steady demand at both locations.

I plan to return for their famous Bread Pudding that is sold only on Saturdays.

Plan to arrive early and stand in long lines, as there are many orders for this particular dessert on the weekends.

Overall Recommendation

If you love southern cooking, barbecued meats, terrific desserts, and fast service, this may be the barbecue house of your dreams. This is a friendly and hospitable place where you can relax, socialize and chow down for hours with family and friends. All of the food we ate and sampled were tasty. The environment is new and clean. The service is fast and friendly.

The amount of customers pouring in on a Friday night spoke volumes of the growing success of this barbeque house. I interviewed some of the repeat customers, who are regulars at MacQue’s, and they gleefully confessed that they were highly addicted to the food served here. Some said that they even dropped in two to three times a week because of the variety of sandwiches and meals offered.

Overall, I recommend MacQue’s BBQ, and I hope when you make your visit that you enjoy this barbecue house as much as we did.

MacQue’s BBQ samplers of sides and meats


MacQue’s BBQ Elk Grove
8517 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove, CA.
Hours: 11am – 9pm Tuesdays – Saturdays

MacQue’s BBQ Sacramento
8101 Elder Creek Road, Sacramento, CA.
Hours: 11am – 6pm Tuesdays – Thursdays. 11am – 7pm Fridays & Saturdays

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