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64 Year Old Sikh Grandfather In Tracy Dies From Stab Wounds

A vigil held tonight at Gretchen Talley Park was full of attendants who came out to show their support for the family of Parmjit Singh. Family, friends, and the Tracy community mourned him after he was attacked and stabbed to death. The incident occurred around 9:00 PM, Sunday night, in Gretchen Talley Park close to Dove Drive and Egret Drive. Residents say the area is quiet and never really sees crime. Police arrived a couple of minutes after receiving the 911 call. Unfortunately,  Singh did not survive and succumbed to his injuries.

Singh’s Impact on the Community and His Loved Ones

Those who knew Singh say that he routinely walked the area twice a day. He was described as a happy, sweet man who loved his family. Those familiar with him making his rounds at the park shared that he was always courteous, polite, and friendly. One mother even shared that Singh would help her and her child look for rocks painted by community members.

Harnek Singh Kang, the victim’s son-in-law, said: “We lost him already. We never expected that he was going to die like this.” Meanwhile, his daughter, Mohandavinder Singh Kang, said, “I can’t believe that he is not here with me.”

Only three years have passed since Singh immigrated from India as a farmer, and while in Tracy, was involved with the community, including being a member of Gudwara Gur Nanak Parash. He mentored other Indian immigrants and served food at the temple, volunteering as often as he could to help others.

Current Status of Investigation

The community has questions regarding some of the discoveries made after the stabbing.

Cameras were installed in the park area years ago by a neighborhood watch group, but unfortunately, as authorities found out, the cameras had not been working for several years. Two days after the murder, workers came out to clear shrubbery and trees from the cameras. Besides the faulty cameras, the stabbing occurred at a time when there were no lights to keep the area lit. Conversation about installing lighting fixture is being discussed.

Currently, police have no suspects, but have released a video capturing a man hopping a fence. The man is then shown running away. The video was recorded around the time of the stabbing. Tracy Police is seeking help to identify the person in the video so they can investigate what the person witnessed and whether the person had any involvement in the murder.

Currently, the Tracy Police Department cannot say if it was a hate crime, despite Singh wearing his Sikh turban. They are investigating but are unable to pinpoint a motive and cannot say if the attack was racially motivated. While the Sikh community feels safe in Tracy and are shocked by the incident, the Sikh Coalition noted that this was the seventh time since 2011 that a turban-wearing elderly Sikh man was attacked in the Central Valley/Northern California area.

Singh leaves behind two children and three grandchildren.

Contact the Police with Information

If you have any information regarding the murder of Parmjit Singh or recognize the man in the video below, you are asked to call the Tracy Police Department immediately at (209) 831-6550 or Tracy Crime Stoppers (209) 831-4847.



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