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Bernie Sanders Drops Out Of 2020 Democratic Presidential Race

Bernie Sanders announced Wednesday that he has suspended his race for the Presidency as one of the Democratic nominees, leaving the general election to rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, and President Donald Trump.

In a statement released to the press, Sanders stated that the suspension of his presidential pursuits was a difficult decision to make but a necessary one. After several delegate losses to Biden, Sanders has been on a losing race to obtain the Democratic nomination. With approximately 300 delegates behind Biden, Sanders concluded that his pursuit for the Presidency was “virtually impossible.”

In addition to the lack of delegates, Sanders also cited the COVID-19 pandemic as a cause for his suspension. As a Senator of Vermont, Sanders stated that his help is needed to assist in the response to the pandemic rather than continuing to spend time and resources on a campaign that will not lead to victory.

While Sanders did not verbally endorse Biden, he did state that he would work alongside his former rival to take Trump head on in the Presidential election. Biden also shared that he will continue to stay on the ballot in States that have not yet had their primaries as a means of accumulating delegates to later use as influence at the Democratic National Convention.

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