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24 Hour Hostage Situation Ends With Suspect Detained

Tuesday in Sacramento began with a domestic disturbance call, followed by a kidnapping, a slow speed chase, a home invasion, and ended with a hostage situation. Police are still investigating how it all began and trying to determine if there are any connections between the suspect and the victims.

Tuesday morning, police responded to a domestic disturbance call involving a knife on Cabrillo Way in Sacramento. The suspect fled before officers could question the suspect. Police, later that afternoon, located the suspect on Center Parkway in a white pick-up truck. The suspect refused to leave the vehicle, and instead, led police on a slow speed chase through Sacramento for roughly fifteen minutes before eventually bringing the chase to an end on Mello Court at approximately 4:20 PM.

Shortly thereafter, the armed suspect and a 13 year old girl exited the vehicle and entered a home on Mello Court. Inside the home were approximately eight people, including children, who were all held hostage until late Tuesday evening, when the suspect let six of those people go.

On Wednesday morning, the 13 year old girl and one remaining woman made their escape from the home. Several hours later, after negotiations with crisis intervention, the suspect was apprehended by authorities, nearly 24 hours after the chaos began.

Authorities report that there are no connections between the suspect and the Mello Court residence.

Police are continuing to investigate and collecting evidence from the scene.

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