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Burglary Near Camden Lake Way


On January 4th, the Elk Grove Police Department responded to a call from the 9000 block of Camden Lake Way. The call notified police that a burglary was in process. Police are still actively looking for the suspects involved.

Around 5 PM police officers arrived at the victim’s house. The victim had already fled the home, and officers inspected the house for intruders. The officers did not find anyone and contacted the victim. The police learned that the victim had just returned home when the incident occurred. The victim had left the garage door open with the intent of leaving the home again. While inside the house, the victim heard the interior garage door open. Believing that a family member had returned home, the victim went to the hallway. The victim was met with two armed suspects.

Identifying The Suspects

The suspects fled the house and into a black sedan. Police believe that the driver of the sedan was female. The vehicle fled east towards Elk Grove Florin Road. The two suspects were described as young African American males, either in their teens or early twenties. They covered their faces with their sweatshirts and wore dark clothing. An item was stolen from the house of the victim.

The Elk Grove Police Department are still looking for the suspects. If you have any information please contact the Elk Grove Police.

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