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California Bars, Gyms, & Schools Allowed To Reopen Next Week

California Bars, Gyms, & Schools Allowed To Reopen Next Week

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California is allowing for bars, gyms, day camps, campgrounds, and professional sports to reopen as early as next Friday, June 12.

What Must Counties Do in Order to Move into Phase 3?

California’s 58 counties must be able to prove certain criteria before they move into the next phase to reopen the state.

This criteria includes maintaining stability in the number of COVID-positive patients, as well as a plan in place to shut down the county should a regional resurgence of positive cases occur.

In light of recent demonstrations calling for racial and social justice across the state, Newsom has said to anticipate an increase in positive cases.

Higher Risk Businesses Set to Reopen Next Friday

One week ahead of reopenings, the state released guidelines to California counties outlining specific measures and modifications that must be met and performed for businesses that see larger groups like bars, gyms, and schools to reopen. These sectors have been closed since mid-March, classified as higher risk businesses, to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The guidelines for sectors such as day camps and schools will be state-wide, but the guidelines for other business sectors will vary. The reopening of these higher risk businesses move California into Phase 3 of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Four-Phased Approach to reopening the State. Nail salons, a higher risk business, are excluded from next Friday’s reopening phase.

Entertainment Production to Begin June 12

Newsom also announced that music, film, and TV production may begin again as early as June 12. In this sector, production crews will need to prove they meet state guidelines and abide by health and safety protocols also.

Professional sports training and competition without live audiences are also allowed to resume with proper health and safety protocols.

What is the Future of Schools?

While it is unknown what schools will look like as they reopen, it can be expected that there will be a number of modulations such as social distancing, thermometers, face masks, and accessibility to hand sanitizer.

Click here to view the guidelines for all business types reopening in Phase 3.

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