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Cosumnes CSD Candidate Jaclyn Moreno Hosts Fundraising Event At Waterman Brewery

Cosumnes CSD Candidate Jaclyn Moreno Hosts Fundraising Event At Waterman Brewery

Cosumnes CSD Candidate Jaclyn Moreno speaks at her fundraising event

Cosumnes Community Services District Candidate Jaclyn Moreno hosted a fundraising event on Wednesday March 14 from 5:30-7:30PM at Waterman Brewery in Elk Grove.

Attendees to the event enjoyed two beers on tap with their tickets and were treated to variety of snacks including brie, a veggie plate with carrots, snap peas, and broccoli, chips and salsa, and pizza. The craft beers were appreciated by all who attended.

Cosumnes Community Services District Candidate 

Moreno is running for Cosumnes Community Services District in the 2018 election. Cosumnes CSD is a board of 5 people the public elects to represent the cities of Galt and Elk Grove in matters relating to parks, recreation, and fire services. One emphasis of Jaclyn’s campaign is her commitment to making sure that all people receive equal access to quality programs and services. Also, she advocates for inclusive approaches and uses creative solutions. For example, Jaclyn believes that just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean that they should receive their education in a separate setting.

Moreno became heavily involved in political activism soon after Trump’s election. She formed The Resistance, a Sacramento activist group that mainly campaigns against Trump’s policies. She led the group and then resigned to focus on her CSD campaign. It’s important to note, members of The Resistance that I spoke to support her Cosumnes CSD campaign efforts.

District Director of Sacramento Area Fire Fighters Chris Schamber, Cosumnes CSD Candidate Jaclyn Moreno, & Cosumnes CSD Board Director Rod Brewer

Nancy Fox, an Elk Grove community leader, introduced Jaclyn Moreno before she spoke. Moreno, in her campaign speech, mentioned that her own daughters benefited from CSD’s arts and swimming programs. This is a part of what inspired her to run for office. She mentioned the lack of woman on the Cosumnes CSD Board. However, she emphasized that she wants people to vote for her because she is passionate about making sure everyone receives quality accesses to programs and services of Cosumnes Community Services District.

Moreno issued the following statement. “When elected to CSD Board, I look forward to collaborating with other board members to move our community forward together. I have been working hard throughout this campaign and I’m eager to take my dedication for this community first to a victory at the polls and then to the governing board.”


Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, former Mayor of Elk Grove Gary Davis, Cosumnes CSD Board Vice President Gil Albiani,  Cosumnes CSD Board Director Orlando Fuentes, Cosumnes CSD Board Director Rod Brewer, Kay Albiani formerly of the EGUSD Board, Bobbie Singh-Allen of the EGUSD Board, Tami Nelson of the Los Rios Community College Board of Trustees, and Angeline Ashby of the Sacramento City Council have all endorsed Jaclyn Moreno.

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