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Please Welcome Our New Chief of Police, Timothy Albright!

Please Welcome Our New Chief of Police, Timothy Albright!

With our previous Chief of Police,  Bryan Noblett, retiring, our new Elk Grove Chief of Police, Timothy Albright, was sworn in on Tuesday, September 3rd. In the ceremony at Creek Side church, hundreds filled the auditorium.


Members of different enforcement personnel came in droves to witness and honor Albright. More specifically, leaders from Folsom police, Galt Police, Sacramento Police, and Sacramento Sheriffs all were present to show their support.

This ceremony was very special to many of the attendees as Albright has made a positive impact on his law enforcement community.


The ceremony procession began as officer Jason Jimenez walked up to the stage as the master of ceremony.

Jason Behrmann, Elk Grove City Manager, took the stage later. Behrman is the person who specifically chose Albright through the hiring process. During the speech, Behrman noted several characteristics that made Albright shine through the gauntlet of the hiring process. More specifically, he mentioned Albright’s experience, years, and role in the Elk Grove Police department was invaluable for the Cheif role. Also, he touted Albright’s passion for leading the force and experience at EPGD made him the top candidate for the position.

After, Noblett shared his stories of Albright and how much he enjoyed working with him. Moreover, he described Albright as a brother and friend through their experiences together over the past 10 years.

After Noblett, the Albright family walked onto the stage in preparation of the swearing-in process. Albright’s family pinned his new badge and stripes onto Albright.

Chief Albright

As Chief of Police, Albright gave his first speech. He thanked all his previous managers and leaders throughout his career. When began his career at the Sacramento Sheriff Department in 1994. During that time, Sheriff John helped set Albright to the right path. Albright made it a point that it was a pivotal moment in his journey to becoming Chief. Also, Albright thanked Bob Simmons, Elk Grove’s first police chief, for giving him the opportunity to join EGPD in 2006.

Albright spent most of his speech on his appreciation of Bryan Noblett. More notably, for showing him how to lead from the heart and be humble. He also credits Noblett on the culture he created in which focuses on community engagement and connecting with people.

And finally, he thanked his family. His wife Kristina and their three children, Abby, Hailey and Travis were all present. He shared his appreciation for their support as he missed many precious events throughout his career.  Albright shared his sacrifices and experiences throughout the journey.

About Chief Albright

Photo Credit: EGPD

During his 25 year career in law enforcement, Albright has earned several notable accolades. This includes a silver star for bravery, three bronze stars, and 3 life-saving medals. He has served under Noblett for over 10 years. Additionally, he started at the Elk Grove Police Department when it was first formed.

Albright has been a resident of Elk Grove for over 22 years. He is truly an Elk Grovian and represents Elk Grove with a passion. “If you cut me, I bleed Elk Grove.”

He has been married for 21 years, he and his wife Christina have three children, who range in ages from 12 to 17. Albright calls his wife the celebrity of Elk Grove. “Everyone says hi to Christina first.”

In an earlier article, Elk Grove Tribune reviewed the selection process and detailed more about Chief Albright.

Congratulations Chief Albright

Elk Grove is excited to have you in our community. Albright is Elk Grove’s fourth Chief of Police. Truly, he will make an impact on the community of Elk Grove

Congratulations, Police Chief Albright!

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