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A New Local Meat Shop In Elk Grove, Pop’s Premium Meat Shop

Elk Grove is excited to have Pop’s Premium Meat Shop and it’s locally owned!

First Impressions

A new and exciting meat shop opened its doors in November to its patrons in the community of Elk Grove. This meat shop is named Pop’s Premium Meat Shop.  This meat shop is locally owned and provides premium meat products. Not only do they have meat products, but they also have sauces and marinades that they make themselves. Everything I tried was delicious and worth trying.


Upon walking through the door, I was greeted immediately by friendly staff. This place is extremely clean and organized. It’s simple with all the items visible throughout the store. Moreover, it’s a breeze shopping here as the staff will assist you through the purchasing process.

Brothers – Family Owned


From chicken to pork to beef, Pop’s has all the premium cuts and whole cuts as well. The prices are all reasonable as well as being of high quality. Additionally, they plan to offer dry-aged beef in the future. They also offer house-made sausages that are extremely good.


From marinades to rubs to sauces, Pop’s has a wide selection of options for the specific meat you are looking for. They offer sauces that go great with your barbeques. I really enjoyed their smooth & spicy bbq sauce. It was a really good bbq sauce that was well balanced.


Pop’s also has packages that give you a variety of meats that range in prices. These boxes give you a little bit of everything for events like barbeques or family dinners. Definitely, check those out.


Overall, Pop’s is a great addition to the range of businesses to the Elk Grove area and it’s locally owned. The staff is super friendly and helpful for all the questions you have. Also, the place is super convenient for the community as it’s fast and easy to navigate. The patrons come and go with a smile. We did too.

Pop’s Premium Meat Shop

10044 Bruceville Road
suite 180
Elk Grove, CA 95757
(916) 930-6328

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Facebook Page

Website Coming soon!


Monday-Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM
Saturday-Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

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  1. RE: POP’s Meat Store/Shop: What are the NAMES of the owners? Article did not include that info….or maybe I missed it. Just info that would be nice to know . Thanks for the article 🙂