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The Eclectic & Buzzing Sacramento Arts Festival 2019

The Eclectic & Buzzing Sacramento Arts Festival 2019

From October 25th through the 27th, Cal Expo hosted the Sacramento Arts Festival. The festival showcases many local, California based, and a few out-of-state artists, who exhibited their creations for the public. The festival had an eclectic range of artwork, ranging from fine art, backyard decorations, embroidery, and furniture. Also, many handmade goods and apparel, furniture and woodwork, food and snacks were on display and for sale.

As someone who paints and embroiders as a hobby, I absolutely loved this event. General admission tickets were at a fair and reasonable price, and parking was easy to find. Additionally, there was something for everyone at the event, whether you were interested in fine art or wanted a colorful set of sneakers. I took my mother-in-law with me, and we were both amazed at what we saw. There is a plethora of talent here in Sacramento, and my heart soared from seeing the incredible talent and all the interesting booths.

The Life Of An Artist

Despite showing their work, many artists were hoping to make sales during the event. Some artists were accompanied by their gallery director, while others were just small local businesses. One woman was selling her embroidery for a couple thousand dollars, while a potter sold mugs and bowls for $20 to $30 apiece. The festival welcomed everyone, from art collectors to college students. Even children attended the event and found great joy in the many creations.


Don Antram – Art is not always what I see, but what it makes others see and is incomplete until its wonder is shared

Furniture Makers & Wood Workers

I actually saw many woodworkers. There were some furniture makers and other companies that produced items such as chess boards, lazy susans, cutting boards, and other exciting items. This Adironack Settee Glider from Spring Garden Cedar was definitely one of the best furniture pieces I saw.

Adironack Settee Glider from Spring Garden Cedar

Handmade Products & Apparel

It was nice to walk around and look at, feel, smell, try on, or handle some handmade products.  We really liked the soaps from Jane’s Rustic Ranch Soap. There were over 30 varieties of soap available! I also had a lot of fun trying on clothing and hats.

Jane’s Rustic Ranch Soap

Hats from Tess McGuire Hatmaker

Our Editor-In-Chief bought a garlic grater from Garlic Grater. It is such an interesting and unique invention. Essentially, it’s a dish that is meant for you to grate garlic or ginger and many other foods on it. Jax would like to give a shoutout to Garlic Grater!

Jay & Russ from Garlic Grater


Important to note, there was not a shortage of food at the festival. Upstairs they had Mexican Street Treats and India Gourmet. I enjoyed the Street Tacos from Mexican Street Treats. Also, burgers, chicken strips, beer, and other foods were sold.

Pork & Carne Asada Street Tacos from Mexican Street Treats

India Gourmet

Furthermore, many booths sold artisan food made in small batches. One booth called Terri Sue’s Toffee sold toffee and other sweets. Another called Jerky Jerks sold homemade jerky, which was delicious and meaty. I had a lot of fun sampling all the foods and purchased some sweets and snacks.

Cookies & Cream Fudge From Terri Sue’s Toffee & Whiskey BBQ Beef Jerky from Jerky Jerks

While browsing at the festival, I was hit with wonderful and pleasant sights and smells that made me happy, hungry, and nostalgic.


This event displayed artists who were serious and skilled at their crafts. Often, an artist has a story behind their artwork or they have worked with a range of different people in the past. There is usually more to the artwork on display or to the items being sold, as you will find when you talk with these artists, creators, and vendors. Overall, I was delighted by the Sacramento Arts Festival, and I am so proud of the thriving art scene in Sacramento. I highly recommend you check out the Sacramento Arts Festival next year!

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