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Elk Grove 2018 Election Results: Steve Ly, Stephanie Nguyen, Pat Hume, Rod Brewer, Jaclyn Moreno, & Rosanna Herber Win

Elk Grove 2018 Election Results: Steve Ly, Stephanie Nguyen, Pat Hume, Rod Brewer, Jaclyn Moreno, & Rosanna Herber Win

Mayor Steve Ly, City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen, City Council Member Pat Hume, Cosumnes CSD Board Director Rod Brewer, Cosumnes CSD Board Director Elect Jaclyn Moreno, & SMUD Board Member Elect Rosanna Herber

The Elk Grove 2018 election results are out! The winners are Steve Ly (Mayor), Stephanie Nguyen and Pat Hume (City Council), Rod Brewer and Jaclyn Moreno (Cosumnes CSD Board), and Rosanna Herber (SMUD Board).

Mayor of Elk Grove Steve Ly

Mayor of Elk Grove

Steve Ly was re-elected to his spot as Mayor of Elk Grove, beating out Vice-Mayor Darren Suen and Community Activist Tracie Stafford. Ly obtained 47% of the votes while Suen got 32% and Stafford got 21%. Ly’s strategy at the Town Hall Forum where he said, “If you like me vote for me, if you don’t like me vote for the outside and that’s Tracie,” seems to have paid off.

Samantha Tov & City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen pose
in front of a donut bar at an election night party
Photo Credit: Samantha Tov

City Council 

Pat Hume beat Andres Ramos by 24% to retain his position as Council Member of District 2. Hume received 62% of the votes while Ramos received 38%. Stephanie Nguyen beat Cosumnes CSD Board Member Orlando Fuentes by 32% to retain her position is Council Member of District 4. Nguyen received 66% of the votes while Fuentes received 34%. Fuentes still has not finished his term with Cosumnes CSD.

City Council Member Pat Hume on election night

Cosumnes Community Services District Board of Directors

On the Cosumnes CSD Board of Directors, Rod Brewer was re-elected and Jaclyn Moreno was elected to serve. Brewer received 34% of the votes. Moreno received 33% of the votes. Jerry Braxmeyer received 19% of the votes and Koi Rivers received 13% of the votes. It should be noted that Brewer has a long history with the Cosumnes CSD Board. First time political candidate Jaclyn Moreno’s strategy to align with Steve Ly, Andres Ramos, Orlando Fuentes, Rod Brewer, and Rosanna Herber definitely paid off.

American River Flood Control District Trustee & Rachelanne Rae Vander Werf
& Cosumnes CSD Board  Director Elect Jaclyn Moreno
Photo Credit: Rachelanne Rae Vander Werf

Sacramento Municipal Utilities District Board

Rosanna Herber was elected to the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District Board, beating out Angela Spease. Herber received 48% of the vote to Spease’s 38%. Mark Graham received 13% of the votes.

Cosumnes CSD Candidate Koi Rivers

Political Alliances

Steve Ly had aligned a Democratic slate called Team Elk Grove with Andres Ramos, Orlando Fuentes, Jaclyn Moreno, Rod Brewer, and Rosanna Herber.  This political alliance was displayed in a number of campaign mailers. Meanwhile, meet and greets were held in the months before the election with Vice-Mayor Darren Suen, City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen, City Council Member Pat Hume, Assembly Member Jim Cooper, Elk Grove Unified School District Board Member Bobbie Singh-Allen, and Cosumnes Community Services District Board Candidate Koi Rivers. Neither of these slates won with a clean sweep.

Vice-Mayor Darren Suen with his supporters
Jorge Eyzaguirre, Christina Walsh Rollins, & Mari Guzman

It’s certain that there will continue to be a lot of activity in the coming months on the Elk Grove City Council, the Cosumnes Community Services District Board, and the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District Board. As we wind down from election season and move forward to next steps for our city in 2019, the Elk Grove Tribune will continue to bring you the latest news. Congratulations to all the winning political candidates!

Elk Grove Election By Percentages

Mayor of Elk Grove
Ly 47%
Suen 32%
Stafford 21%

Elk Grove City Council District 2
Hume 62%
Ramos 38%

Elk Grove City Council District 4
Nguyen 66%
Fuentes 34%

CSD Board (Top 2)
Brewer 34%
Moreno 33%
Braxmeyer 19%
Rivers 13%

SMUD Board
Herber 48%
Spease 38%
Graham 13%


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