Elk Grove City Alert: Sandbag Distribution

The City of Elk Grove will open its five (5) sandbag distribution sites beginning on Friday (1/6/17) at 8 am. A list of sandbag distribution locations can be found here.

The site at the City’s Corporation Yard on Iron Rock Way will only be open during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM). Self service locations will be open around the clock, 24/7 as long as there is a need. These sites will be monitored to ensure ample supply of bags and sand.

As we prepare for this weekend’s storm system, please keep these additional tips in mind:
Treat a dark traffic signal as an all-way stop during power outages—it’s the law!

Do not attempt to drive through standing water; if you can’t see the curb, it’s probably too deep to drive through.

Keep storm drains free of leaves and debris during rains, and put leaves and other yard debris in your green waste container. Call City maintenance at 635-2500 for additional containers, if necessary.

If your property has a history of flooding, purchase sand and sandbags at a hardware or home improvement store—before the storm hits. Be prepared for the worst, as only a limited number of sandbags may be available at City distribution sites in anticipation of heavy rainfall and severe, widespread flooding.

Call the City’s maintenance hotline at 687-3005 to report flooding, high creek levels, fallen trees or limbs, clogged storm drains or culverts, malfunctioning traffic signals or street lights, and downed traffic signs.

Stay away from downed or sagging power lines, streetlights, or traffic signals, and any debris that might be entangled with them—they could be deadly! Call your utility provider or 9-1-1 to report downed power lines or natural gas leaks.
Report hazards to your utility provider or by calling 9-1-1.

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