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Elk Grove Mom Requests Birthday Cards For Her Son With Autism

Elk Grove Mom Requests Birthday Cards For Her Son With Autism

Aidan Aguilar

On January 21, local mom Megan Aguilar took to social media to make her son Aidan’s birthday the best one yet.   She is asking people to shower him with birthday cards.  Her sweet son will be turning 13 years old and he has had a rough year.  Aidan is struggling to deal with the awkwardness of becoming to teen while having Autism.  She says “Like all kids, he just wants to be loved and accepted which can be difficult with his disability.”  Megan goes onto say that her son gets really excited when getting things in the mail. She asked people to send birthday cards to celebrate his special day.

I think we can all relate to being a teenager struggling with growing up and making friends.  I have the pleasure of knowing Aidan.  He’s a very nice young man.  He always says hello to me whenever he sees me even though that might not be the “cool” thing to do.  He is patient and kind to other children and loves dogs as well.

Since posting on Facebook two days ago, Megan has received lots of messages coming out in support of her son.  Her post was reposted by Pat and Tom of KNCI radio which has currently been shared 81 times.  People as far away as Italy said they will be sending him a card.  She’s also gotten a messages from Lamppost Pizza and Red Robin offering to host Aidan’s birthday dinner.  We at The Elk Grove Tribune would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Send a Card

Aidan’s 13 birthday is February 1 and Megan is still looking for cards for her son.  His interests include super heroes, Star Wars, and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.)  His favorite wrestler is John Cena but he likes all the popular wrestlers.  Cards can be mailed to Aidan Aguilar at 3009 Babson Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95758.

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