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You’ll Go Crazy For Mango Crazy

You’ll Go Crazy For Mango Crazy

Photo by: Grace Davis

I’ve always been an advocate for fresh food. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, it doesn’t matter! If it’s fresh, it’s guaranteed to be delicious, right? When my family took a trip to Costa Rica in the summer of 2019, I was stuffed full of juicy, vibrant, fruits. Coming home to the States was hard because the produce was never quite as delicious as Costa Rica’s. But then I tried Mango Crazy, and as cheesy as this sounds, my life changed!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Mango Crazy was founded by childhood neighbors Andy and Larry in Modesto, California. Both raised by immigrants, they wished to implement core values that they were taught growing up into their company; Appreciation, Loyalty, and Perseverance. Their food is based on Mexican street food, and is truly unique! With only three locations in California, Elk Grove was blessed with the latest installation, and boy are we lucky! But enough talking, let’s try the food!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis


Located in Rita’s former location, Mango Crazy welcomes guests with open arms! The building is bright, painted in bold orange. Also, I was greeted right away by two employees. As my order was taken and made, I was asked multiple times how I wanted each dish. I felt taken care of by both women, and they wanted to make sure I had a wonderful experience. Additionally, each item I ordered was given to me with a smile. It was clear that both employees were well trained and knew how to make each dish (as they were made to order). I was told which utensils I should use for each dish, and the proper way to eat the items. The service was simply spectacular.

Agua Frescas

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Described as a drink with fruit, sugar, and water, I knew that this would be delightful. Generally, the menu has four flavors that change daily. Today’s included Mango Watermelon and Pina Colada. In any event, the Mango Watermelon was light and bright. The watermelon was strong but did not overpower the mango. Fortunately there were hardly any seeds from the watermelon, which made for an easy sip. The Pina Colada was sweet and tropical, as it reminded me of cruising in the Bahamas. The top was frothy, so a bit of stirring was required. However, this sip was bold and the fruit was very prominent. Both drinks were extremely fruity and did not feel too watery. This was a delicious treat that hit the spot!


Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Perhaps the most iconic treat is the 50/50. This treat is mango sorbet ice cream, diced mango, mango nectar juice, lime, chamoy, hot sauce, salt, and chili powder. As expected, this memorable treat was both sweet and spicey. Surprisingly, the chamoy was nippy but did not burn the tongue. Fortunately, the sweetness in the treat paired well with the spiciness. The sweet and juicy mango was fresh and easy to eat. Each piece was sliced into even bites, and the sorbet kept the mango chilled. This was a favorite among my party, as we couldn’t put it down.

Strawberries & Cream

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

This dish was highly recommended on Yelp, as it was described as a mixture of house cream, strawberries, granola, raisins, and coconut. Similar to a parfait, this was stuffed to the brim with bright strawberries that burst with flavor, light cream, and plump raisins. This was a great way to cleanse my palate from the spices of the 50/50. The sweetness was natural and in no way overpowering of the organic flavor. The cream was not sour like yogurt, and not sweet like whip cream, it was simple the way that cream should be. Overall, we were very satisfied with this treat.

Corn In A Cup

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Despite feeling full from our beverages, there was still one more thing to try. Recently I tried Mexican street corn and fell in love with it, so I was definitely the most excited about this dish.  Described as corn, mayonnaise, cheese, lime, hot sauce, and chili powder, this bowl was filled to the brim with perfection. The corn was juicy (although I would have like it to be a bit warmer), the mayonnaise was creamy, and the cheese brought the perfect amount of saltiness. Each bite filled my mouth with different flavors. The hint of lime was subtle and ended the bite on a high note. Everyone in our party was satisfied, including our new bee friend.

Photo Credit: Grace Davis


Overall, I was thoroughly satisfied with Mango Crazy. The service was phenomenal, the food was fresh, and the atmosphere was fun. This establishment is truly unlike anything I have ever experienced. Subsequently, Elk Grove is so lucky to have Mango Crazy, and I cannot wait to watch this business grow into a new Elk Grove staple. Let me know what you think the next time you stop by! Happy Dining!

Mango Crazy

8519 Bond Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624



11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Everyday

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