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Local Author DeAnna Gallardo Holds Book Signing For Her New Book Entitled “Open Hearts: An Adoption Story”

Illustrator Audrey Sherlock, Author DeAnna Gallardo, &
DeAnna’s son Wadlay whose adoption the book is based on

On Saturday February 8, local author DeAnna Gallardo, and her illustrator Audrey Sherlock held a book signing event at Gifts From The Heart of Elk Grove. The newly published “Open Hearts: An Adoption Story” book was read out loud by the author.

DeAnna is a a wife and mother of three children, one of whom was adopted from Haiti. The book “Open Hearts: An Adoption Story” tells the story of her son Wadlay’s adoption. DeAnna’s son Wadlay was present at the event and enthusiastically responded when asked if he was excited about his Mom’s book.

Audrey is a 14 year old Franklin High School student with a penchant for art. It’s very clear from the book’s illustrations that Audrey is extremely precocious and talented for her age.

By telling her family’s story, DeAnna hopes to encourage other families to pursue adoption, whether that is domestic or international. She is a member of an Christian adoptive Mom’s Group called Bloom in Elk Grove.

Carissa Cheung & Roxana Cheung display their card & string art

The lively event was free and open to the public. Cookies were available for children to eat. Also, kids had a lot of fun creating a variety of different crafts and art work including drawing a suitcase, making cards, and string art.

“Open Hearts: An Adoption Story” is a cute, easy to read children’s book that you will enjoy reading with your kids. Important to note: you can purchase “Open Hearts: An Adoption Story” at Gifts From The Heart of Elk Grove, on Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble.

Congratulations DeAnna Gallardo and Audrey Sherlock on the publication of “Open Hearts: An Adoption Story”!

For more information on “Open Hearts: An Adoption Story” please check out and Open Hearts Adoption Story Facebook.

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