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Despite Cold & Windy Weather, The Dickens Street Faire Was A Blast

The Dickens Street Fair is a tradition at Old Elk Grove, where vendors and shoppers mingle in the holiday festivities. Despite being the last day of November, it seemed that winter was keen to arrive early. 

It was a cold and dreary day but it didn’t stop visitors to the fair from enjoying themselves. Visitors were treated to the sight of Santa Claus being rescued from the rooftop by the Elk Grove Fire Department. Afterward, Santa Claus posed for pictures with kids and their families. The smell of cinnamon, kettle corn, and other street foods permeated the air as everyone enjoyed the festivities. 

Unfortunately, it seemed like this year’s weather affected the turnout for the event. Many vendors began breaking down their shops early due to heavy winds and rain in the forecast. Vendors had their tents weighed down, but a heavy wind frequently sent items flying into the air or on the ground. However, the kids from School of Rock continued to perform on stage, singing Christmas songs for the audience to hear. 

The Rain & Tree Lighting

The rain came down shortly before the sunset and visitors sought shelter in their cars or in the nearby shops. Many people (including this writer) were eagerly awaiting for the tree lighting event. Around 5:30 PM, an audience began to gather at the stage. The audience also sang Happy Birthday to Mayor Steve Ly. Afterward, Mr. and Mrs. Claus arrived on stage for Story Time as the rain slowed to a light drizzle.

 The audience counted down to the tree lighting which was met with lots of celebration. Additionally, snow (soap bubbles) were released into the air as Santa and Mrs. Claus handed out hot cocoa and cookies for the kids to enjoy. Overall, the fair was a success despite the weather being cold and wet. 

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