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The Ridge Shopping Center Opening Six Businesses By August

Photo Credit: Ascent Builders, Inc.

The Ridge Shopping Center Opening
Six Businesses By August

With the recently built Costco, the Ridge Shopping Center will complement the area with more than a dozen new businesses. As a matter of fact, the developers expect six businesses to open around the August 2019 timeframe.

The developers, Sacramento-based Ascent Builders, Inc., recently shared construction has begun. During this time, they have raised walls for the businesses and are in line with their project timeline. For this project, a total of 15 buildings will be constructed.

Originally, the developers began initial four buildings in November of 2018. The project’s superintendent, Greg Uding, mentioned that the first few buildings will be completed by July of 2019. When completed, the first businesses will be in operation around August. Uding said that Olive Garden and Stanton Optical are confirmed tenants of the 15-building complex.

Nonetheless, Uding indicated that weather has delayed the project by a month. Specifically, this is due to the amount of rainfall we received. The next phase of the project will begin sometime in the Summer, Uding added.

In addition to the buildings, the developers built the parking areas, curbs, and lighting for the area. The dirt and dust was a concern so grass was added to the open dirt areas.

Current List of Businesses To Open


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