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Spamalot Cast of Musical Mayhem Productions Wins Elly Award

Elk Grove News

A Monumental Achievement

Cast members of Musical Mayhem Productions Spamalot musical have just won a prestigious Elly Award 2017! They received an Elly Award for Best Overall Production. Most noteworthy, this is arguably the one of the biggest Elly awards given. Congratulations to the cast members of Spamalot of Musical Mayhem Productions!!

About Musical Mayhem Productions

Musical Mayhem Productions is a local non-profit that provides quality theater instruction for children and special needs adults. They offer workshop and rehearsal classes and put on full fleged theatre productions to the Elk Grove community.

About the Elly Awards

The annual Elly Awards honor outstanding achievements of artists and local theaters in the Greater Sacramento area.  The Elly awards, named for the late Eleanor McClatchy, help to keep the community engaged with local productions.

Congratulations again to the cast members of Spamalot of Musical Mayhem Productions! Elk Grove is very proud of you!

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