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Spicy Restaurant Week At Journey To The Dumpling

Journey to the Dumpling had a special menu for Restaurant Week and the food did not disappoint. While there were a variety of dishes to try, including appetizers and desserts, we decided to spice up the table. True to form, this restaurant delivered sumptuous, hot food.

I brought a friend with my hubby and I to this meal, as we knew that restaurant week tends to have bigger portions. We got the full course from the Restaurant Week menu, and my husband got his own bowl of soup. We had leftovers, but this menu could have easily satisfied three people.

The Food

We started off with Wontons in Chilli Oil as our appetizer. Our server gave us a generous amount of chili oil. Depending on how hot you want your wontons, you can either dip or dunk your wontons in the condiment. The wontons went down smooth, and the pork was perfectly seasoned. We wished we had more than the six that were offered to enjoy.

Our two entrees were Singapore Noodles and Chow Fun With Black Bean Sauce. My husband got the Journey Noodle Soup. The Singapore Noodles had pork and shrimp, with a curry seasoning. It was a dry noodle dish, but it packed a punch. We could easily smell and see the spices (a generous amount of Tumeric was used). The noodles were thin, almost like angel hair pasta, but easily held the spices and other ingredients in the dish. While the dish had spice and lots of flavor, I was put-off by the texture. Despite being our least favorite dish, it was no way a disappointing one.

The Chow Fun With Black Bean Sauce was a hit with all of us. The sauce was savory and mildly thick, just enough to coat your tongue and lips as you slurp the noodles up. The noodles were wide with a bit of chewiness. The sauce made this dish amazing, and the ingredients complimented each other.

I salivated over my husband’s Journey Noodle Soup. I never thought I could smell anything sour, thinking it was something I could only taste. This soup was spicy and sour, and each spoonful of the broth added to the spiciness. The noodles were the chewiest, almost al dente. The meat was soft and hearty. My husband finished his bowl in record time and wished there was more scrumptious soup left. I, on the other hand, wanted a bowl to myself.


Lastly, we got egg tarts for dessert. I rarely get these tarts warmed up, typically buying them from a bakery where they are cold and have sat out for several hours. But Journey to the Dumpling placed these delectables into the oven, making the crust flaky. The custard was sweet and creamy.


We left Journey to the Dumpling stuffed and happy. My husband wants to come again, and I couldn’t agree more. The food is wonderful, unforgettable, and authentic.

Make it a tasty stop for you and your family!

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