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Spreading Positivity For The Community of Elk Grove

Spreading Positivity For The Community of Elk Grove

While the statewide stay-at-home order is active, numerous entities are spreading positivity to our community of Elk Grove. Moreover, some are making and change by donating to the communities, donating to hospitals, and those in need. I’m proud of my Elk Grove community and businesses stepping up to make Elk Grove a better place for all. We, at Elk Grove Tribune, understand it is a difficult time for a lot of members of our community and would like to spread positivity vibes to everyone. As time goes on, the statewide stay-at-home policies will slowly change and affect people differently. With that said, there numerous organizations that are trying to make it easier. We are grateful for the organizations of Elk Grove that supported our community.

Making Elk Grove Great

Here is a list of events that occurred during these difficult times:

  • Pho Bistro provided Banh Mi sandwiches to Sutter Health & Kaiser healthcare workers.
  • Nikki Nguyen of Pho Kim Anh & Keller Williams Real Estate as well as Mimi Pham of Pho Bistro, Hannah Nguyen of Loan Factory, Tina Nguyen & Hieu Lam of Anew Lending, Corey Deroo of Florin Road Partnership, Kevin Nguyen and Nikki Nguyen of Community Partners Advocates of Little Saigon Sacramento,
    and Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy to feed elderly seniors with pho.
  • District56 Cafe, also known as Cafe Elk Grove, has provided a variety of yummy meals to UC Davis healthcare workers and some Elk Grove seniors without access to freshly made meals.
  • Rah3D is an Elk Grove startup that donated face shields.
  • The Elk Grove Food Bank has received many donations.
  • Toni Hannahs and Bonnie Graska made 1,400 face masks in which they then donated to their neighbors. When asked if they would accept money for their time and materials, Toni and Bonnie suggested that donations be made to the Elk Grove Food Bank. Today, Toni and Bonnie brought in more than $800 in donations.

City of Elk Grove

Recently, the City of Elk Grove helped the community make donations easy through a drive-thru process. City staff collected all the donations and provided it to three major organizations: Elk Grove HART, Chicks in Crisis, and Elk Grove Food Bank. The items definitely helped those in need and without privileges. Clothes, gift cards, and household items were donated by our generous community members.

Photo Credit: City of Elk Grove

District56 Cafe

The new and awesome District56 Cafe also supported health care workers and seniors through delivering their awesome food to them. They wanted to ensure that health care workers were appreciated as well as seniors had food. Definitely, a great business that supports Elk Grove and their community.


Quote from Yolanda & Jesse Hoover, owners of District56 Cafe

“We have been overwhelmed by the welcome we have received in our community. We are proud to support health care workers and seniors with our food donations. Thank you for allowing us to serve our community and thank you all for your support.”

Photo Credit: District56 Cafe

Photo Credit: District56 Cafe

Pho Kim Anh, Pho Bistro, Community Partners Advocates of Little Saigon Sacramento, Loan Factory, Anew Lending, Florin Road Partnership & Keller Williams

Pho Kim Anh , Pho Bistro, Community Partners Advocates of Little Saigon Sacramento, Loan Factory, Anew Lending, Florin Road Partnership & Keller Williams  donated their services and pho to elderly seniors on May 2nd as well as May 9th. They understood that some of the seniors had no way of obtaining food without someone coming by. Thus, these organizations came together to serve people in our community.

Nikki Nguyen on behalf of Pho Kim Anh & Keller Williams Real Estate

“We are so blessed that we are able to support these elderly seniors and to lift up our community. It is our privilege to serve Elk Grove. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by Covid-19 and all people and businesses affected by the lockdown. Thank you for supporting Pho Kim Anh, Keller Williams Pho Bistro, Community Partners Advocates of Little Saigon Sacramento, Loan Factory, Anew Lending, Florin Road Partnership .”

Photo Credit: Pho Kim Anh

Photo Credit: Pho Kim Anh

Pho Bistro

Even though dine-in isn’t an option, Pho Bistro delivered appreciation to the health care workers in our community. Recently, Pho Bistro displayed gratitude to the hospital staff by providing their awesome Banh Mi sandwiches.

Mimi Pham, on behalf of Pho Bistro

“We are grateful to all the health care workers working on the front lines and also the elders in our community so we just wanted to do something to show our gratitude. We are all in this together. Thank you to all our loyal customers and the people of Elk Grove for supporting us.”

Photo Credit: Pho Bistro

Photo Credit: Pho Bistro

Photo Credit: Nikki Nguyen

Photo Credit: Pho Bistro


Richard Parr of RAH 3D

Photo Credit: Richard Parr

Recently, Richard Parr was asked by a local friend to make some shields for his family. This started a domino effect that led Richard to provide shields to a local hospital in Carmichael. As a result, Richard ended up buying six more printers and over 50 rolls of filament to meet the demand for all the requests.

As difficult as at it is, the shelter in place was hard to understand for many and even for Richard. Nonetheless, Richard was an essential worker and was able to work and provide for his family. Richard wanted to make an impact on the community and others as he interacts with a lot of clients who are not working.

Photo Credit: Richard Parr

Richard is currently taking donations to make more shields for other hospitals. You can donate via Venmo at Rah3d or at Paypal at Additionally, Richard is holding a fundraiser via Facebook at

Richard Parr

“I would like to say is a big thank you to the community on Facebook and locally for all the support . This has allowed me to create over 3000 shields so far to donate and ship all over the country.”

Savvy House Coffee Bar

Savvy House Coffee Bar recently held an event to provide free Quarantine family packs and snack sacks for kids. This event had donations from Grocery Outlet, Sprouts, and Trader Joes. Quarantine family pack included bread, peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti, and spaghetti sauce. Kid quarantine snack sack included: a bottle of water, a juice box, a banana, a fruit cup, and chips.

Savvy House Coffee is still open during these times: Monday-Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 8 AM to 2 PM.

Photo Credit: Savvy House Coffee Bar

Our Community of Elk Grove

There are numerous organizations helping everyone out and the list goes on. During these times, we are all in this together. In a blink of an eye, this can be worst. We are all working to win this fight. Thank you to all of you who work hard to lift up others in our community.

Also, if you are ready for some ways to support our local businesses, take a look at the restaurants that are reopening for takeout!


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