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Third Craft Brewery Coming to Elk Grove

The City of Elk Grove will soon be getting its third craft brewery at 9824 Dino Drive. On Tuesday, the City’s Zoning Administrator approved a Minor User Permit for a tasting room for the new Waterman Brewing project, and the City is providing a $5,000 Incentive Grant for the project. Waterman Brewing will join Elk Grove’s Flatland Brewing Company and Tilted Mash Brewing. All three breweries are located in the City’s southeastern industrial area near Highway 99 and Grantline Road.

Waterman Brewing will feature craft beer brewed on site, retail sales, and a tasting room for patrons to sample drinks and purchase products. Flatland and Tilted Mash also feature on-site brewing and tasting rooms.

The Incentive Grant was provided by the City as part of its newly created Brewery & Winery Incentive & Assistance Program, which provides grants, financing, site selection assistance, and expedited permits to qualified businesses who establish breweries and wineries in Elk Grove. The City also provided incentive grants to Flatland and Tilted Mash. Earlier this year, the City changed its zoning code to make it easier and less expensive for new breweries to set up tasting rooms co-located with breweries.

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