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Thief Caught On Camera Stealing Ring Doorbell Camera In Elk Grove

On April 11, a thief armed with a screwdriver and wearing a black plastic face mask and a hooded sweater over his head was caught on camera walking up to an Elk Grove home to steal the Ring Doorbell Camera.

He quietly and systematically cut the circuit breaker to the garage on the side of the home, which then cut the power to the camera. There was no video of the thief stealing the camera, but there is a clear video of him walking up to the doorbell camera. The physical camera was stolen, but the Ring App still saved the video footage.

Resident Chantelle Espinoza stated that despite having four dogs, none of them heard the thief on premise and warned others about the quick and quiet pace the thief worked at to steal the home device.

Surveillance cameras are becoming more popular with thieves, but tamperproof screws can help secure these home cameras.

The good news is that if a Ring device is stolen, the company has a protection policy which replaces the device for free if a police report is submitted.

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