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Travel in the Tribune

Travel in the Tribune

Welcome to Travel in the Tribune!  We are excited to bring our love of travel to the readers of the Tribune.  We, Craig and Emily Nash, are lifelong travelers and have been in the travel business for 10 years.  We have been fortunate to travel to many countries, and to have learned MANY things along the way.  Sometimes trips are amazing; sometimes difficult; and sometimes life changing.  Regardless of the type of trip, there are always lessons learned.   This column will explore destinations, experiences, Bucket Lists, travel trends, and offer travel tips in this exciting and ever-changing world of travel.  Oh, and since we love cruises, we will certainly write about modern cruising.

Travel Tip:  The new mobile passport app can save you time when going through customs at many airports  across the country.  It is also accepted at Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades, where it can save you A LOT of time after disembarkation from a cruise.   Best of all, it is FREE.  Learn more at MobilePassport.US

We  enjoy inspiring and empowering people to travel.  For example, if someone  has a dream of going to Paris, we want him/her to get there.  So, whether you dream of climbing the Eiffel Tower, cruising the Mekong, or maybe a family-bonding trip to Disney World, hopefully our columns will help you get there.

Think of our column as help on the journey to your journey.

Have specific travel questions – email us and we’ll get you a custom answer!

Travel On!


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