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Two Confirmed COVID-19 Cases AT Elk Grove Raley’s

The Raley’s at 4900 Elk Grove Boulevard has two confirmed cases of COVID-19. The company continues to practice social distancing and other efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

The confirmed cases were found on June 21st and 28th. The company is committed to transparency and posts confirmed cases of COVID-19 on their website. In fact, they have a list of all positive cases listed on their website.

A phone call to the store also confirmed the cases.

Company Response

The company understands that anyone could get the virus. Raley’s states, “In the event that a team member may not feel well or needs to care for an immediate family member, we are giving them the support they need to stay home.”

Raley’s has since been sanitized in response to the COVID-19 cases. The store is also sanitized every 30 minutes, following procedures that were already in place before the confirmed cases.

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