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Waterman Brewing: Adjusting To COVID Times With Beer, Trivia, & A Lot Of Fun

Waterman Brewing: Adjusting To COVID Times With Beer, Trivia, & A Lot Of Fun

Photo Credit: Waterman Brewing Company Instagram

As Elk Grove residents roll into our fifth month of quarantining, it can be difficult to find new things to do to shake up the everyday monotony. When you have had enough with puzzles and Netflix, head over to Waterman Brewing Company for a fun and socially-distanced time!

Photo Credit: Rachel Lee Perez

Waterman Brewing

Waterman Brewing is located at 9824 Dino Drive, Suite 160 in Elk Grove. It was founded in 2016 and features dozens of beers, ciders, and wines. To adjust to COVID-19 times, they have moved all of their seating to their beautiful outdoor patio that is shaded and kept cool with tents.

Photo Credit: Rachel Lee Perez

When you arrive at Waterman Brewing, you enter at the backside of the building where they have their outdoor seating located. Masks are required when you go inside their open bar space to order a drink but you can take your mask off when you are at your table enjoying your food and drinks.

Photo Credit: Waterman Brewing Company Facebook

Additionally, to adjust to California restaurant and brewery regulations, Waterman Brewing is now offering a full-service kitchen menu. While everything on their menu looks phenomenal, I would personally recommend their Nachos Supreme as well as their Cubano.

Photo Credit: Rachel Lee Perez

Live Music and Trivia Nights

Waterman Brewing continues to host live music and trivia nights. This week’s trivia night included categories such as Movies, City Nicknames, and Current Events. The trivia was led by Mark who is charismatic, entertaining, and established a very welcoming environment! We were pretty proud to end trivia night in Third Place. 

Photo Credit: Rachel Lee Perez

While this was our first time attending trivia night, it was clear that this is an event that continues to bring back regulars. Many guests in attendance on Tuesday evening exuded a familiarity with one another that felt much like a big, socially-distance family gathering.

Photo Credit: Rachel Lee Perez

Elk Grove Tribune Recommended!

Elk Grove Tribune highly recommends Waterman Brewing Company for a great time of excellent food, drinks, and fun! We especially recommend checking them out on a Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM to participate in an amazing trivia night! I know we intend to return for many more trivia nights ourselves.

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