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Who’s Craving Cajun Madness?

Who’s Craving Cajun Madness?

Who’s craving Cajun Madness? An unforgettable taste of Louisiana has arrived here in Northern California!

Hidden in the heart of South Sacramento is Cajun Madness, an interesting new restaurant that offers fresh crab, lobster, crawfish, shrimp, mussels, and clams, cooked in a variety of delicious Cajun sauces. Well, let’s gets crackin’ on some fresh Cajun seafood right here where Sacramento meets the Bayous of Louisiana.

A Cajun Madness Seafood Boil- crab, mussels, clams, crawfish, potatoes, corn, sausages in a spicy Cajun sauce.

If you are looking for an entrancing dining experience, where your family and friends have the opportunity to crack crab legs, enjoy cold beers with great laughs, then Cajun madness is for you. More specifically, this restaurant will spoil you rotten with their family-friendly motto, “catering to our customers.”


Imagine eating inside an underwater cove with upbeat music playing in the background, gently coercing you to devour endless amounts of seafood, generously gathered into large seafood boils that aim to satisfy all of your seafood cravings, and please your hungry palate with a variety of spicy Cajun sauces.

Happy Returning Customers enjoying a Seafood Boil after work

The guests who eat here come to relax and be spoiled. Moreover, they come to devour large amounts of awesome seafood,  socialize with each other, enjoy spicy sauces, and share cold beers together. Also, people here are outrageously friendly and social, they are food enthusiasts who were happy to stop indulging for a moment just to schmooze with me and suggest different delicacies offered here.

As for the decor, the walls are boldly painted with striking pictures of Louisiana, Sacramento, Thunder Valley Casino, and underwater sea life. Also, a large tank of live ginormous Maine lobsters,  Alaskan King crab, and Dungeness crab sit behind a counter of beautiful gold statues of Buddha, claiming the prosperity of this Asian fusion and Cajun seafood restaurant.

Hand-painted Murals of Louisiana, Sacramento, and Underwater Sealife Adorn Cajun Madness

In the back, sits a  large room for private party celebrations, Cajun Style. Further down, the hallways are painted with sea water creatures and the ambiance is very relaxed and casual. And finally, the service is warm, friendly, and customer focused.

Relaxed and Calm Atmosphere as the restaurant opened up at 2 PM


My usual order at any first-time seafood restaurant is raw oysters, fried calamari, and lobster. Moreover, these dishes at Cajun Madness did not disappoint at all. Overall, I definitely enjoyed the food here.

The raw Sanctuary oysters were fresh, as if just picked off the ocean floor, topped with a drop of spicy Cajun sauce, and served with lemon cuts and Tabasco sauce.

Fresh Raw Sanctuary Oysters served on an iced platter with lemon cuts and Tabasco hot sauce

The calamari appetizer was one of the best I have ever had, even more so than some of the finest restaurants in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. The batter was light, yet delightfully savory, and the calamari chunks were pleasingly large, juicy, and insanely delicious.

Large beautiful chunks of plump juicy Calimari in a lightly fried batter with Tarter and Cocktail Sauces

I also tried my other usual, a lobster roll. This particular soft sweet roll was on the smaller side but filled with heavy dollops of delectable lobster mixed with mayonnaise and celery.

A delicious Lobster Roll – dollops of succulent lobster filled inside a sweet roll

I was quite full with a few bites of each of these dishes when I was pleasantly surprised with a gigantic bowl of shrimp and crawfish, known as the Cajun Madness Seafood Boil. The shrimp and crawfish had to be cracked and opened, as my server taught me how to enjoy the very messy, yet fun encounter.

A Seafood Boil filled with Crawfish, Clams, Shrimp, Mussels, Corn, Sausages, and Potatoes

Eating At Cajun Madness

Be sure to wear clothing that you do not mind getting stained so that you can fully enjoy this experience. Cajun Madness does provide a bib, gloves and cleaning wipes beforehand so that you are kept somewhat clean and comfortable while you eat.

Cajun Madness offers many delicious garlic sauces with a variety of seafood dishes. My favorite was the Cajun Madness Sauce which was a sweet and garlicky yet pungent sauce. The other was a delightful salty, garlicky, and mildly spicy House Sauce. There are other sauce options such as garlic butter, mixed sauces, kid-friendly, original, mild, medium, spicy, or double spicy if you dare!

I suggest eating the sauce with a bowl of sweet sticky rice which make a great combination for the perfect Louisiana Seafood Boil. Cajun Madness also serves a Gumbo, a Crab Tower, and a Ginger Scallion Stir Fry, which I will have to try on my next visit.

Overall Experience

Most dishes are reasonably priced. By the same token, some may consider it reasonable and some may say it is pricey as seafood always is. Also, do expect to spend the market value per pound on each seafood dish you order. A Combo Meal for 1-2 people is $36.95 which includes crawfish, clams, mussels, shrimp, corn, sausage, and potatoes. The spiciness of each dish is determined by the customer, so go easy on your first visit. Your bill will depend on how much and what you order. I had 2 appetizers (raw oysters and calamari) and a lobster roll which totaled up to $55.00. So be sure you are prepared to spend a good amount of money, as you eat a good amount of some great tasting seafood.

Cajun Madness is definitely an experience to try if you love Cajun cooking, shelled seafood, and spicy dishes.

I highly recommend this place if you would like to try something new to do in Sacramento. Adults seem to enjoy the meals and the ambiance here. Kids appear to enjoy the experience of wearing bibs and gloves while cracking their own crab legs. This would be a fun place to impress a new date or to celebrate a party.

About Cajun Madness

Cajun Madness opened on April 11th. This is a family-owned restaurant with friends and family working behind and in front of the scenes.  Moreover, this restaurant is kept impeccably clean. The atmosphere is calm, relaxed yet vibrant. The food is impressively delicious and fabulously presented. Of course, the seafood tastes fresh and succulent. And finally, the service is heartwarming, with a close family-friendly vibe.

Cajun Sauces  for the customer to try upon entering Cajun Madness

I hope by now you are saying to yourselves in Cajun “Allons!” or “Let’s go!” and I do hope you enjoy this place as much as I did.

Cajun Madness
6035 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95824

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 3pm-10pm
Friday & Saturday 2pm-11pm
Sunday 2pm-10pm

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