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1000 Pounds of Trash Removed From Elk Grove Creeks

1000 Pounds of Trash Removed From Elk Grove Creeks

Led by the Laguna Creek Watershed Council, community volunteers collected about 1000 pounds of trash from two sites in the Laguna Creek Watershed. Now that is some great Elk Grove News!

One site was located along Elk Grove Creek north of Laguna Springs Drive (not far from City Hall). Goats had been eating down vegetation along that reach, exposing tons of trash. Volunteers from Sheldon High and some residents did most of the work at that site.

The proud crew that pulled 1,000 pounds of trash from Elk Grove’s creeks!

The second site was along Laguna Creek near the North Laguna Creek Wildlife Area. Another 500 pounds was collected there, including tires, an old bike, and lots of bottles and general trash. Folks from Iglesia Ni Cristo and Cosumnes Oaks High School did the heavy lifting at that site.

Just a sample of some of the 500 pounds of trash collected at the Elk Grove Creek site.

The Laguna Creek Watershed Council is a non-profit grassroots alliance that strives to protect and restore the beneficial uses of Laguna Creek, its tributary streams, and associated riparian corridors. These uses included habitat for aquatic animals and wildlife, recreational opportunities for the residents of the region, and flood risk reduction.  They accomplish these goals by educating residents, promoting active community participation, and fostering partnerships and projects that achieve long-term, balanced solutions with mutual benefits to all stakeholders. To find our more about the Laguna Creek Watershed Council, visit their website here.


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