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Surveillance Video Captures Burglars In Elk Grove

Elk Grove Home is Burglarized

One of the thieves seen here. Still photo capture is courtesy of Valone’s surveillance camera.

Homeowner Kevin Valone was away from his home near Big Horn Blvd and Lotz Parkway between 9 AM and 10 AM on Tuesday morning. Upon his return, he noticed broken glass from his sliding door near the rear of the home. Fortunately, nobody else was home at the time, but the surveillance camera indicates they missed the burglars by about 15 minutes.

Valone immediately checked his Ring surveillance camera and saw that it captures video of a man walking with his back towards the camera. Approximately 10 minutes later, the video shows the burglars leaving the residence as well. In this instance, both suspects have on masks as well as gloves. One burglar walks out, on his cellphone holding a gun, and the other opens the front door, surveying the area. Moments later, both burglars left the home with large bags. Outside, a getaway vehicle awaiting More suspects are in the two masked thieves. It may be a black or charcoal-colored car.

Stolen Items

Upon entering his home, Valone proceeded to check what was missing in the home and noticed his guns are missing. His .40-caliber Sig Sauer, all black, and a standard AR-15 are gone. Additionally, he shares that priceless jewelry was missing as well.  It appears the jewelry was placed into the large bags seen carrying out by the suspects. Valone is grateful he was able to capture the thieves on video, but he would like to see justice, too.

“They stole the guns, the two guns that I had. I had a handgun and a rifle,” said Valone. “To me, the biggest concern, when I found this and I found the guns missing, was not what was missing but the fact that there are two guns now out on the streets that obviously criminals have a hold of.”

Anyone with information about the burglary is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 916-443-4357

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