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Musical Mayhem Productions Grease Musical Rocks It

Musical Mayhem Productions Grease Musical Rocks It

Danny., Sandy, and the students of Rydell High in the last score “You’re The One That I Want”

I went to the musical Grease by Musical Mayhem Productions last weekend and my family and I were absolutely stunned by the high quality of the musical performance. It is rare to see a youth production so well done. I am already kicking myself for not having been to any previous performances. It was just a refreshing, beautifully done musical.

Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, Marty, and the rest of the Pink Ladies along with Patty Simcox

The Plot

I personally love the movie Grease. I had no idea at the time when I got my tickets for this production, but a performance of Grease was just what the doctor ordered for me. It’s a heartwarming tale, without any seriously unpleasant twists in the plot.

For those of you unfamiliar with the plot, essentially, Sandy is a high school senior who falls in love with a boy named Danny over the summer.  At the end of the summer he thinks that she’s gone back Australia, and she winds up a Rydell High at the beginning of the Fall semester. Sandy finds out that Danny has changed, and with machismo bravado, he treats her like dirt in front of his friends. In reality, Danny still has feelings for Sandy. Sandy attempts to befriend the Pink Ladies and the interactions of Sandy, the Pink Ladies, Danny, and his boys the T-birds, are nothing short of a nostalgic reminder what high school must have been in the 1950s.

Danny, Rizzo, Sandy, and other high school students on the 1st day of school at Rydell High

The Performance

Ashley Olds and Jackson Lyall just shine in their leading roles of Sandy Dumbrowski and Danny Zuko. Ashley, clearly a theater veteran, exhibits a striking transformation from a shy teenager singing “Hopelessly Devoted To You” to a confident, assertive, and beautiful woman singing “You’re The One That I Want.” Her singing ability is out of this world. Jackson portrays well, an insecure teenage boy, caught between his friends, his image, and his feelings for Sandy.

I personally enjoyed watching Madison Wells in her role as feisty, sarcastic Rizzo. I thoroughly just loved Madison’s rendition of “Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee.” Emily Bunje, gives a solid performance in her as Sandy’s welcoming friend and beauty school dropout Frenchy. Also notable is Raymundo Ballejos, Jr. in his role as Danny’s car loving best friend Kenickie. Emilie Tseng, portraying a Freshman, deserves recognition as one of the youngest and cutest members of the cast. The entire cast, quite honestly, really embraces their roles. I really also can’t emphasize enough that the quality of the performance and the actual singing is spectacular.


The 1st day of school at Rydell High

About Musical Mayhem Productions

Musical Mayhem Productions is the brain child of co-founders Anne-Marie Pringle and Bryce McDill. It was founded in April of 2012 to fulfill the need of Theater Arts for Elk Grove children. As a non-profit, Musical Mayhem Productions Provides quality theater instruction for children and special needs adults. They offer workshop and rehearsal classes and put on full fleged theater productions to the Elk Grove community.

Danny, Kenickie, the rest of the T-birds, and other Rydell High School boys in “Greased Lightning”

Programs Offered

The Broadway Star programs is for children ages 8-18. Children must have been in a previous production to qualify. In this class children learn to act and to put on a great performance.  The Broadway Bound Programs is for children ages 5-12. Students learn the basics of acting and how to put on a great performance. The Master Academy is an audition only class and offers weekly classes in dancing, acting, and singing. The HomeSchool class is for children who homeschool and it is design to let them learn all the basics of performing. Children learn to build a set, make costumes, create props, and act and put on a performance. Musical Mayhem Productions also works with elementary schools in the area to help put on an Elementary School Musical. They donate ticket proceeds to the school.

Sandy, Frenchy, the Pink Ladies, cheerleaders, and other Rydell High School girls

Check Out Musical Mayhem Productions

I really do not have any reservations about recommending this production of Grease or any production, for that matter, by Musical Mayhem Productions. JAX APPROVED! Grease runs from August 25-Sept 2, 2017 on Fridays and Saturdays. The Lion King Jr runs from Sept 22-23, 2017 on Friday and Saturday. Both are being held at the Consumnes River Oaks High School Performing Arts Center. BUY TICKETS HERE

Musical Mayhem Productions
9733 Kent Street Suite 100
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 525-2995




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