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Catalytic Converter Thief Arrested

Photo Credit: EGPD

A lot of catalytic converters have been stolen from people’s vehicles throughout recent years. Nonetheless, one thief has been arrested on January 3, 2020, and transported to the Sacramento County Main Jail.

Richard Vang of Sacramento (38) was identified as one of the suspects in a vehicle theft from October 2, 2019. During this incident, the vehicle was stolen and driven to a nearby location. Following the relocation of the vehicle, the catalytic converter was removed and abandoned by the suspect.

During a probation search of Vang’s residence, detectives discovered a variety of burglary tools. As a result, this led to Vang’s arrest on the charges of motor vehicle theft, removing vehicle parts, possession of burglary tools, conspiracy, violation of probation, and other drug-related charges.

Photo Credit: EGPD

Free Etching from EGPD and Brake Masters

Recently, EGPD and Brake Masters hosted a free etching event on January 4, 2020. This is due to the recent rise of catalytic converts in the area. Moreover, the etching of catalytic converters prevents thieves from selling it. As a result, the etching provides a connection between the catalytic converter to the owner.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about catalytic converter etching, please contact Brake Masters of Elk Grove at (916) 714-8585.


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