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Elk Grove Donuts Holds Grand Opening

Elk Grove Donuts held their Grand Opening on Saturday August 17th from 5 AM TO 3:30 PM. Located at the corner of Whitelock and Bruceville next to Tea 18 and Auto Zone, this family run shop is a welcome addition to the area.


Walking in, the place looks modern and comfortable and there is a nice airy space with a few tables. The staff is nice and friendly. It’s clean and exactly what you want to see in a neighborhood donut shop.

The display of donuts was inviting and dozens of hungry customers eager for a taste patiently waited in line. There was a long line out the door when I arrived. This wasn’t surprising. I mean, who doesn’t love fresh donuts?



The menu was neatly displayed. It’s $12.95 for a dozen regular donuts. If you want a fancy donut, such as dipped in ube flavor and covered in cereal, it’s $19.95 for a fancy dozen. Obviously, the donuts are the star of the show. However, Elk Grove Donuts also sells croissants which are plain, filled, or filled with meat and cheese. They also offer French cruellers in glazed, chocolate, white, maple and strawberry.


My family and I couldn’t wait to try the donuts! I personally loved the classic glazed donuts and the ham and cheese croissant. My little girls gobbled down the glazed donuts and chocolate donuts. My husband liked the ham and cheese croissant the best. I noted that the glazed donut holes we ordered were nice and hot.


Photo Credit: Daisy Magsuci

Overall, Elk Grove Donuts is a great place if you like donuts and croissants. The atmosphere is inviting and friendly, the customer service is spot on, and the donuts are yummy. Definitely check out Elk Grove Donuts when you get a chance and don’t leave without snagging a glazed donut and a ham and cheese croissant!

Elk Grove Donuts

10043 Bruceville Rd, Ste 140
Elk Grove, CA 95757
(916) 714-0505


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