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Elk Grove Teen Arrested For Robbing Another Teen At Gunpoint

14 Year Old Points A Gun

According to the Elk Grove Police Department, an Elk Grove teen was robbed Wednesday approximately 4:30pm. The victim was approached by three people near the intersection of Whitelock Parkway and Blossom Ridge and the 14 year old suspect pointed a gun to his head. Therefore, the victim did not put up a fight and gave up his cell phone. Curiously, afterwards, one of the males walked over and returned the cell phone. The Elk Grove Police were called immediately afterwards by the victim.

The Elk Grove Police came to the scene and detained three males. The 14 year old suspect had a unloaded hand gun and was taken to juvenile hall. The other two males had not committed any crime and the police did not arrest them. The suspect will not be publicly identified because he is a minor.

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