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Remembering Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona

Remembering Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona

A Great Loss To Our Community

Natalie Corona, a 22 year old officer with the Davis Police Department, was slain on Thursday night in a senseless shooting. During that night, Corona responded to a traffic accident in Downtown Davis. While working on the traffic incident, Corona was ambushed from behind. Without warning, the gunman opened fire as well as fired in other directions and left the scene. Later, the shooter was identified as 48 year old Kevin Douglas Limbaugh. Limbaugh had walked home after the shooting and took his own life.

For nearly 60 years, this is first Davis Police Department officer that was killed in the line of duty since 1959. Over the past 17 years, over 71 officers have been slain in California by an assailant according to the Department of Justice.

Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel indicated that Natalie hadn’t had her badge long but that she had a lasting impact on the department. “She was just an absolute star in the department and somebody that pretty much everybody in the department really looked to as a close friend, a sister. And I’ve heard her described by our officers tonight as our daughter and our friend and our sister that we all wanted. This is just an absolutely devastating loss to the police department.”

Following Her Dreams

“Effortlessly beautiful, effortlessly brave and strong” is how Latasha Kelvin, a close friend, describes Corona in an ABC interview.

In her younger years, Natalie Corona grew up in Arbuckle in Colusa County. Corona dreamed of becoming an officer. Even more, her father José Merced Corona was her inspiration. She witnessed her father serve over 20 years in the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office. Likewise, following in her father’s footsteps, Corona set out to fulfill that dream.

Photo Credit: Williams Pioneer Review

ABC interviewed Corona’s father. “I would come home from lunch and dinner and she’d be waiting for me at the door and she would say “Dad, dad, can I go on a ride-a-long today?” and I told her, “No, Nan, not today. I’m too busy.” ”

After graduating high school, Corona began her involvement in helping the community by volunteering with the Davis Police Department. Additionally, she worked for a brief amount of time even after funding for her position was exhausted.  Thus, she gained the respect and admiration of her peers by still showing up to work even after funding was cut. In July of 2018, Corona was sworn in as a Davis officer after she graduated from the Sacramento Police Academy.

Corona is survived by her father and mother, Merced and Lupe, and her three sisters, Jackie, Cathy, and Cindy.

Natalie’s father spoke candidly. “I just want people to remember her. She didn’t serve for very long, but she gave her life doing what she loved to do and we have to accept that.”

In Honor of Natalie Corona

On Saturday evening in Davis, the community gathered together for a candlelight vigil in memory of Officer Corona. Over a thousand people gathered that evening at Davis Central Park. During the evening, individuals appeared one after another to show respect for the fallen hero. However, emotions were felt throughout the crowd as everyone listened to the stage speakers. Certainly, the loss of young life has affected many in the community, even those who never knew her in life. Above all, many seem sad to see a young life so full of promise tragically cut short.

On Facebook, Corona’s page fills will messages of love and emotions from the community as well as the world.

Furthermore, a memorial service for Natalie Corona will be held on Friday, January 18th at 11 AM at the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) on the UC Davis Campus. Important to note, the memorial service is open to the public. Officer Natalie Corona will be remembered as a hero, giving her life doing what she loved.

Rest in peace Officer Natalie Corona. We at Elk Grove Tribune extend our heartfelt condolences to Natalie’s family, friends, and the Davis Police Department.












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