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Integrity For Change: Bobbie Singh-Allen Wins!

Integrity For Change: Bobbie Singh-Allen Wins!

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen & Family
Photo Credit: Jeff Bravo

Bobbie Singh-Allen and her campaign team held their viewing party at Steve’s Pizza on Election Day. Indeed, attendees celebrated when it was announced that Singh-Allen was leading the race, snagging 46% of the votes in Elk Grove. It has now been made official. Bobbie Singh-Allen will become Elk Grove’s newest mayor. Now she is ready to tackle economic recovery for small business owners.

Press Release From Campaign Team

Earlier this morning Mayor Steve Ly called Bobbie Singh-Allen. He conceded the race and congratulated her on her victory.

These are her remarks:

“I am truly humbled and honored by our victory. This win is not about me, it is about the well being of Elk Grove.
I look forward to being a champion for our city and bringing our community together. Whether you supported me or not, I invite you to work with me to move our city forward. From now on, everyone has a seat at the table. Elk Grove’s best days are ahead.

This campaign was powered by the love and desire for “Integrity for a Change” for our Mayoral office of dozens of supporters and volunteers, friends, family and my campaign team.

In the last 90 days, they have joined me to walk every corner of Elk Grove and to make sure the voices of Elk Grove residents were heard. They have shared their hopes and dreams for a better Elk Grove. I have listened and will continue to do so.

In my First 100 Days as Elk Grove Mayor, I will focus on COVID Economic Recovery, Good Governance as well as my Traffic Congestion and Transportation Plan.

I will set up a COVID Economic Recovery Taskforce made up of business, labor, nonprofit, and other community leaders to help reopen Elk Grove and ensure that we can provide services and assistance available to working families and small business. This will include conducting an audit of what have we done as a city and identifying quickly areas where more needs to be done.

When it comes to good governance we need to focus on restoring transparency and accountability to the Mayor’s Office. I will schedule a retreat with our City Council members and identify goals and objectives for our City. As well as conduct Community Townhalls to hear directly ideas and concerns from Elk Grove residents. Collaboration is central to good governance and putting your interests first.

We will create a working group to address traffic congestion and transportation issues in our city. This includes reviewing the status of synchronized lights around the city and Accessible Pedestrian Signals for our disabled community.

There is a lot of work in the months ahead.
I hope I can count on every single one of Elk Grove residents to get the job done together.

Finally I want to once again give a special thanks to my Campaign Team and of course to my family, my parents, my husband, and my two sons for their love and support during the last 90 days.

Let’s get to work.”

Election Night In The Pizzeria

Mayor-Elect Bobbie Singh-Allen & Friends
Photo Credit: Jeff Bravo

Family, friends, and the media slowly entered Steve’s Pizza. The pizzeria is owned by Singh-Allen’s brother, a small business owner. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing, attendees watched on several television screens the results of Election Day. As the hours ticked down to 8 PM and votes were tallied, it became obvious who was leading the mayoral race was. Bobbie Singh-Allen secured the mayoral position. As major news outlets announced her lead, Singh-Allen’s family and friends celebrated with her. Overwhelmed with joy, Singh-Allen responded with tears. For her, 2020 was a trying year.

The Road To Election Night

Mayor-Elect Bobbie Singh-Allen & Family
Photo Credit: Jeff Bravo

It has been almost exactly 3 months since Bobbie Singh-Allen formally completed paperwork that would allow her to run for Mayor of Elk Grove. She decided to do so after multiple women came forward to share they were victims of harassment and bullying by former Mayor Steve Ly, a 2-term mayor. Consequently, feeling the need to fight back against bullying and support the businesses who were hurting, Singh-Allen entered the race. In the mayoral race was also Medical Consultant Brian Pastor.

Not only has Singh-Allen experienced bullying and intimidation, but in September 2020, she received death threats and authorities became involved, opening up an investigation. Running for mayor against someone who has been accused by 6 women of harassment is a serious decision. However, Singh-Allen has fought against the abuse of power and any sort of bullying in her career. Therefore, Singh-Allen believes the approach being used by Mayor Ly is unacceptable.

Bobbie Singh-Allen & Family
Photo Credit: Jeff Bravo

Local Support & Challenges

Despite tossing her name into the hat a little late, Singh-Allen received endorsements from the Democratic Party, small business owners in Elk Grove, along with endorsements from several community leaders. Subsequently, she gained support from Democrats and Republicans alike in Elk Grove. Not only did she gain the confidence of the Indian community, but she also networked with the Spanish-speaking community as well. Singh-Allen not only focused on integrity but on uniting the community, too.

However, there were challenges to her run for mayor. Members of the Hmong community who felt slighted by Bobbie Singh-Allen voiced their opposition. A mayoral debate being broadcast over Zoom was interrupted by demonstrators. Unfortunately, the debate had to be canceled due to noise and disruptions. Additionally, Singh-Allen and her team scrambled to get funding for the campaign.

Winning The Seat

Mayor-Elect Bobbie Singh-Allen, Linda Vue & Editor-in-Chief Dr. Jacqueline “Jax” Cheung
Photo Credit: Jeff Bravo

As the evening wore on, Singh-Allen was interviewed by multiple news outlets. Accordingly, some had live broadcasted, others filmed segments that would be edited later. Despite being surrounded by lights, cameras, and microphones, Bobbie handled herself with grace and humility. In fact, she remarked on how she felt like she was in a “dream.” Fortunately, Bobbie was surrounded by her family and friends. She spoke about aiding small business owners in Elk Grove and building on a better future.

Singh-Allen’s win allows her to continue serving the city of Elk Grove which has nearly 200,000 residents. She currently is an Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee and has led anti-bullying programs. Furthermore, she encouraged cultural awareness and the development of cultural competence. Indeed, Singh-Allen believes that she can make the changes necessary in bringing unity and dedication to a city that needs it. “We need a mayor that will put service above self,” she said.

“We need a mayor that is dedicated to residents and will lead to an economic recovery.”

Above all, in spite of the rough and difficult road to winning the election, Bobbie Singh-Allen can focus on making Elk Grove stronger and better.


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