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Masked Thief Steals $2000 Worth Of Gardening Equipment

Around 1:00 PM, Tuesday, a masked individual stole gardening tools valued at $2000 from a parked trailer on Denholm Court by Elk Grove Boulevard. Among the stolen items were two leaf blowers and a trimmer.

When Mario Becerra-Arredondo, a gardener working in the area, noticed missing equipment from his trailer after stepping away for only minutes, he contacted the police as a next-door neighbor offered to check the footage from their surveillance camera.

The footage was uploaded onto an online community on Facebook, showing a silver BMW SUV pulling up to the middle of the road and stopping. From the passenger’s exit emerged an individual covered in a full-face white mask, wearing sweat pants, a hoodie, and sneakers. The individual then moved to the back of Becerra-Arredondo’s trailer and took three large tools from it. After, the suspect put the items into the vehicle the suspect came from and jumped back into the passenger’s seat. The vehicle left moments after.

Anyone with information regarding this theft is asked to call Elk Grove Police Department’s Crime Tip Line at (916) 627-3333. Callers may remain anonymous.

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