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Relocation Deals For Tenants In Stonelake Shopping Center As CNU Hospital Seeks Further Approvals

Rendered image of CNU hospital in Stonelake area

California Northstate University’s (CNU) pursuit of approvals for a hospital in the Stonelake area in Elk Grove has stirred much controversy. A part of the controversy stems from the necessary demolition of the Stonelake Landing shopping center in order to build CNU’s proposed $900 million hospital. The hospital would house 400 beds for patients.

According to recent information published on social media, three tenants in the Stonelake Landing shopping center have negotiated relocation deals with CNU. Christina Snyder, a representative of seven of the Stonelake Landing tenants, announced the deals recently. Stonelake Pizza, Razor Sharp Kutz, and Body & Hair By Marie agreed to packages offered by CNU.

Reception of the news was mixed, some glad that the businesses were able to find new homes, and others concerned that the businesses’ moves would bring current business to the area down. There seems to be some uncertainty regarding the Stonelake Landing shopping center’s future as the proposed hospital pushes forward with seeking approvals.

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