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Taco Beer Margarita Fest At Old Town Elk Grove

Taco Beer Margarita Fest At Old Town Elk Grove

This event was not a typical taco festival at historic Old Town Elk Grove, it was much more than that. It was the exploration of food shared by everyone who attended. This free event gathered the community to enjoy tacos along with beer and margaritas. Additionally, it was family and dog-friendly.

The Taco Beer Margarita Fest was hosted by Beers in Sac and the City of Elk Grove. There were over 20 vendors lined up all around with different varieties of food, drinks, and other items.  It featured Sacramento’s best taco vendors, several beer vendors, and a full-service margarita bar, an interactive kids area. Also, there was a stage for mariachi bands, performances, and a live DJ.

The best part of this event was seeing the community come together. There were smiles all around and it couldn’t have been a happier place anywhere else in our beautiful city of Elk Grove.

Event Experience

As soon as the event started, patrons lined up to purchase drink tickets. Riding a bike to this event was convenient and the best option as drinking and driving is something no one should do. Also, inconveniently for drivers, the railroad signs was malfunctioning next to Old Town Elk Grove during the event.

The festival had several major drink vendors for drinks. The margarita bar had the most patrons as the line snaked through the festival area. Dustbowl brewery had lines that lined up just as low.  Burly Beverages served their awesome drinks as well. Among the numerous drink vendors, there were a few to choose from. For beer, Dust Bowl Brewery came to the rescue. They had two booths that served beer.

The food was amazing. All the food vendors were everywhere and there was no wrong choice. Patrons lined up at every vendor which made the event extremely busy. For a free event, there were a lot of people but enough to make it a fun one. BBQ oysters and carnitas tacos were very popular.

The food vendors were Ahuevo Foods, California Street Tacos, Cookie Bomb, Daddy O’s Smokehouse, Dona Maria Cocinita, Garcia’s Fish Tacos, Lax Mex Taqueria, Las Maracas, Masa Guiseria, Mely’s Churros, Tacos Brambila, What’s Happenin’ Italian Ice, Xochimilco, Yolanda’s Tamales, and finally, Zintzuni Cocina Mexicana. In this case, my personal favorite must be Las maracas because they had a different type of tortillas!

As the sun gently lowered into the horizon, more and more patrons filled the event. Mariachi bands played live music and people enjoyed the evening as the event ended at 7 pm.

Event Host

The event is created by Beers In Sac, in partnership with the City of Elk Grove, and will be benefiting Elk Grove’s own, Young Life.

More information on the event, visit

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