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Team Elk Grove & Other Community Leaders Stand By Cosumnes CSD Director Jaclyn Moreno & Her Claims of Harassment

The claims of bullying, harassment, intimidation, and misogyny continue against Mayor Steve Ly. More female elected officials are stepping forward with their accounts.  Cosumnes CSD Director Jaclyn Moreno recently came forward with her story. She claims that Mayor Ly used his position along with a campaign staffer to bully her […]

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Elk Grove Mayoral Race Heats Up As EGUSD Board Trustee & Community Leader Bobbie Singh-Allen Enters Mayoral Race

In a surprise announcement today, Elk Grove USD Board Trustee, Bobbie Singh-Allen, declared her candidacy for mayor of Elk Grove. “Enough is Enough”, Singh-Allen said in a statement released on social media. “Today, I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Elk Grove.” Voters elected Singh-Allen to the Elk Grove […]


OP-ED: My Steve Ly Story

My Steve Ly Story By Nancy Chaires Espinoza July 21, 2020 A few weeks ago, a couple of courageous young women speaking out helped me to reflect on the need to publicly share my experiences with Steve Ly. In sharing my hope is to inhibit his ability to harass and […]

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Elk Grove Neighborhood Summit

Mayor Steve Ly had high hopes in reviving the annual tradition of holding the Elk Grove Neighborhood Summit Wednesday night. “I really wanted to bring this back and provide an opportunity to educate the constituents and the community members on some of the services that are found in Elk Grove,” […]