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Tracie Stafford Launches Elk Grove Mayoral Campaign

Tracie Stafford Launches Elk Grove Mayoral Campaign

Tracie Stafford officially launched her Elk Grove Mayoral Campaign on November 7 with a fundraising event at Lola’s Lounge in Old Town Elk Grove. In attendance was California gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin and many prominent members of the Elk Grove community.

California Gubernatorial Candidate Delaine Eastin & Tracie Stafford

Delaine Eastin

Delaine Eastin is a former Union City Councilwoman and State Assemblywoman. Especially impressive, she is the only woman to ever serve as our State Superintendent. Delaine is now running for Governor. If elected will be the first woman in our state’s history to serve in that role. Important to note, Delaine introduced Tracie and said that she knows Tracie is the ideal person to lead Elk Grove as its mayor.

Tracie Stafford speaking to her supporters

What Tracie Is About

In a moving speech, Tracie talked about her experience moving up to Elk Grove years ago without a job. She also described her past as a survivor of domestic violence. She pointed out things that Elk Grove is lacking, such as a main hub, a city center, and activities for teens. As a pledge to her supporters, Tracie resolved to grow Elk Grove up before growing it out.  She promised fix issues in our city. Her campaign motter is “Breaking Barriers, Building Community.” Most noteworthy were Tracie’s words from the heart. “I’m the voice for the people. I’m running because I see a need. I’m running because I see the potential and I want to help Elk Grove fulfill that potential. This is not about me. It’s about getting our city where it needs to be.”

Campaign Chairman Liz Castillon Vice & Tracie Stafford

Believing in Tracie Stafford

Tracie’s Campaign Chairman Liz Castillon Vice spoke and thanked the volunteers for helping to launch Tracie’s Mayoral Campaign. Tracie mentioned that Liz came to her and told Tracie she had to convince her to make Tracie her candidate. As a result, after getting to know Tracie, Liz said that she became convinced of Tracie’s passion.  Liz decided to do whatever was possible to help her become the next Mayor of Elk Grove.

Tracie Stafford for Mayor Campaign Volunteers Gail Hensley, Melanie Herman, & Maya Freeman

Tracie Stafford, pictured with Ganeane Lewis, Jacqueline “Jax” Cheung, Kenneth Cheung , Robert Longer, Roz Harris, Gina Barkalow, Fabrizio Sasso, Amar Shergill, & Parveen Tumbler

In addition, several people in attendance spoke of the need for someone who actually can stand up to some of the racist ideals Elk Grove is faced with. Furthermore, many expressed frustration with the fact that they are targeted by racist members of the community when they openly express dissatisfaction with current policies. Some of Tracie’s supporters have been targeted when they advocate new policies such as a commission to oversee the Elk Grove Police Department. Hence, it is clear that all who were in attendance at Tracie’s Campaign Launch truly believe that she is the person who should lead Elk Grove and it’s development.

The Elk Grove Mayoral Race

Therefore, it is exceptionally clear that the 2018 Elk Grove Mayoral Race is going to be very interesting to watch. Because Tracie Stafford is courageously challenging incumbent Mayor of Elk Grove Steve Ly, Elk Grove citizens have a lot to consider as they decide who is the person to take our city to the next level. Meanwhile, Mayor Steve Ly has not commented publicly regarding Tracie’s new Elk Grove Mayoral Campaign launch. No other candidates have stepped forward for the 2018 Elk Grove Mayoral Race. You can find out more about Tracie Stafford’s Mayoral Campaign and policies by checking out her Facebook page and her website


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