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Umai Bar & Grill Offers Spectacular Food In A Trendy Atmosphere

Umai Bar & Grill Offers Spectacular Food In A Trendy Atmosphere

Pepperfin at Umai

Umai Bar & Grill is an awesome restaurant located off Grantline, which offers fresh seafood and a wide variety of tasty menu items in a trendy atmosphere with top notch customer service. I heard about Umai for months, but hadn’t actually visited. After my first visit for a belated birthday dinner, I am seriously kicking myself for not having booked a reservation sooner!



When I first walked into Umai Bar & Grill, I noted that the place was packed, there were multiple television screens, and the hostess greeted me immediately. I promptly realized my opinion of Umai was miscalculated. Before my visit, I assumed that due to the location off of Grantline, that it would be quiet and unpacked. I was mistaken. This place is popular. It has a contemporary look, and honestly, couldn’t have been more packed, even if it was located off of Elk Grove Boulevard.

There is so much it offers.

If you want to watch the Kings Game or a little college ball, you can do so at this restaurant. My husband remarked that no matter where he was sitting, he could see the game. All of that with food!


Nigiri: salmon, tuna, albacore, hamachi toro, & tako (octopus)Sashimi: hamachi, ankimo (monk fish liver), & tako (octopus)

I was completely surprised by the sheer variety of menu items at Umai Bar & Grill. Seafood, sushi, and sashimi are what you want to be ordering. But it’s important to note that they have Japanese classics such as Teriyaki Chicken, Sesame Chicken, three types of ramen, and udon. In addition, Umai boasts American classics like Ribeye Steak and Lamb Chops.

We ordered the Omakase Nigiri and Sashimi, Oysters on the half shelf, Pepperfin, and the Rex, Hot Mama, and Albacore Galore.

Rex, Hot Mama, & Albacore Galore

Important to note,  we asked  for a mix of Nigiri and Sashimi for the Omakase. The quality of the fish was outrageous. With the Nigiri, we were served salmon, tuna, albacore, hamachi toro, and tako (octopus). They were all good and melted like butter in my mouth. The Sashimi came with hamachi, ankimo (monk fish liver), and tako (octopus). This was actually my first time having monk fish liver and I was surprised by how much I liked it. It had a smooth and buttery flavor.

My husband and I love raw Oysters, so we ordered Oysters on the half shell and they came topped with masago, Sriracha, ponzu, and scallions. I squeezed a bit of lemon on it and savored the taste. The oysters were fresh.  Meanwhile, the Pepperfin was outstanding and the little bit of jalapeno on top spiced up the flavor perfectly.

Oysters on the half shell with masago, Sriracha, ponzu, & scallions

In terms of sushi rolls, it was hard for us to decide, but we settled on the Rex, Hot Mama, and Albacore Galore. My favorite was the Hot Mama. I’m pretty picky about my sushi. For most places, I either like it or I don’t. Of course, the quality of the fish has everything to do with the caliber of the sushi. I highly recommend these rolls. Do not leave Umai without trying the Hot Mama.

We were completely stuffed, but they brought out some awesome birthday desserts for me. One was a Molten Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. The other was a freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookie with vanilla ice cream. I loved both desserts. They were decadent and simply heavenly.

Molten Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries & Chocolate Chip Cookie with vanilla ice cream


Umai Bar & Grill exceeded my expectations in every way. The food was high quality and the seafood was fresh. Their attention to detail is impeccable. The drinks are good. I had an excellent lemon drink (not sure of the name) and my husband really liked his Old Fashioned. The customer service was spot on. The food came out quickly and there was always someone near to attend to our needs. My daughter knocked over a glass of water, and it was handled immediately with a new water glass on the table to replace the spilt one, even before the spill was wiped up. The vibe was upbeat and cheerful, with fellow patrons clearly happy to be there on a Saturday night.

With the awesome food, excellent customer service, and the trendy, fun vibe, I have no reservations recommending Umai Bar & Grill. Be sure to check out Omakase Nigiri and Sashimi, the Pepperfin, the Hot Mama, and the Oysters on the half shell. Make no mistake, these are “must try” items. I can’t wait to go back and try some more of their menu.  Also, I’m planning on ordering some of their party platters for my next party!

Umai Bar & Grill

8973 Grant Line Rd. Ste.100
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 686-6833


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